Most Common Tyre Problems you Should be Aware of

Your tyres are ready to serve you whenever you drive your car on a smooth highway or a rocky surface. They are made to be rubbed against the surface does not mean they cannot get damaged due to these severe conditions. It is sure your tyres have to face several problems that will further affect the functions of your car as well.

Therefore, you need to know about these common problems that the Tyres Northampton may face while they are constantly in contact with the roads.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about some common tyre issues.


Heat is the most common culprit to damage your tyres. your tyres may be heated due to warm weather. Or, it is possible your tyres are extremely heated when you drive your car at high speeds.. excessive heat may affect the rubber compound of your tyre. Moreover, heat increases the air pressure in the tyres to cause an over-inflated tyre that is further dangerous to the driver and other passengers.

Disturbed alignment

In case of your tyre is worn out more from one side, this is the common sign of a misaligned wheel. generally, the tyres lose their alignment while they hit a kerb or any hard object on the road. you should examine the alignment of your wheel with the help of a professional regularly.

Improper air pressure

Your tyres may be over-inflated or under-inflated to cause several worrisome issues. Therefore, keeping an eye on the air pressure of your tyres is mandatory.

Overinflated tyres are not able to make proper contact with the road. moreover, extra pressure is enough to damage the out or inner structure of the tyres.

A common sign of an over-inflated tyre is the central treadwear in which the centre of your tyres is worn more than the sides.

Lower tyre pressure in the tyres increases the risk of poor handling along with wear and tear. Under-inflated tyres, increase the risk of punctures as well.


Generally wear and tear happens over time but you should not drive your car anymore if your tread depth is below the legal limit that is 1.6mm in the UK. Apart from legal reason, driving with bald tyres is highly dangerous for the driver as well as other road users.

Cracks and punctures

Every car driver knows well about the punctures so that, there is no need of introduction. Punctures take place when a sharp object pierces the sidewall of the tyre to make a tiny hole. The air escapes through this hole to bring the air pressure down. Cracks are also a sign of damage and show that your tyre’s sidewall is not strong enough to hold the pressure of air for a long time.

Air leakage from the bead

Due to some reasons, the air may leak from the tyre bead, the edge of the tyre resting on the rim. To examine this problem, spray soapy water on the potentially affected area. If you observe a tiny stream of bubbles coming from the place, your tyre has a tyre bead leak.

You should note that proper maintenance of Vauxhall Tyres Northampton may reduce the chances of the occurrence of these problems. Therefore, try to follow all the tyre maintenance guidelines provided by experts.

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