MOT and Road Safety – Are They Two Sides of the Same Coin?

According to the latest estimates of the UK government, there are close to 38 million registered vehicles in this nation. Of these, around 4.5 million are vans and other commercial vehicles while the rest are passenger cars. Would you feel safe on the roads if you didn’t know that all these cars are roadworthy?

Mr Ernest Marples felt the same way. Fortunately, as Transport Minister in 1960, he was in a position to influence the British Road Policy. He introduced new laws according to which vehicles that were over 10 years old had to go through a mandatory test to prove their road worthiness.

This ‘ten-year test’, as it was known back then, is the precursor to the MOT that we have today.

Road Safety: Then and Now

Trivia: There were just over 6 million vehicles in the UK in 1960, the year MOT was introduced. The number of recorded road fatalities was 6,970. Compare that to the 38 million cars in 2017 with just 1793 fatalities.

While fatalities have reduced significantly over the years, partly due to MOT and increasing road awareness, they are still higher than many of our neighbours. Belgium had 756 while Denmark had 196 fatalities in the same period.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of these accidents could be avoided with proper car maintenance. Since MOT checks all the vital components that are related to road safety, keeping your car MOT-ready at any given point will ensure that it is in the safest possible driving conditions. You can head over to garages like Your Tyres & Auto Care for a comprehensive pre-MOT check. They also do the necessary repairs after the check.

Given below are a few pointers which are instrumental for road safety as well as clearing an MOT in Nottingham or anywhere else –

1.A Crystal Clear View

There should not be any cracks on the driver’s side of the windscreen.

Maximum permissible length of a crack is 40mm.

All the mirrors should be clear and free of cracks.

2.Pay Attention To Your Tyres

The MOT-limit for the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Automobile experts recommend keeping at least 3mm of tread depth on all four of your Tyres Nottingham.

There shouldn’t be any cracks, bulges or lumps on the tyre body.

3.Let Lights Show The Way

Headlamps should be aimed at the proper height. They shouldn’t be foggy or yellowish.

Tail lamps, indicators and all other lights should be in a perfect working condition.

4.Check For The Proper Functioning Of The Brakes. Listen For Unusual Noises Or Vibrations.

5.Seats and Seat Belts

There shouldn’t be any tear on the front seat.

Seat belts, including the rear ones, should be in permissible conditions.

6.Vin and Registration Plates Should Be Clearly Visible.

It is not practically possible to curb road accidents completely. At least, not yet!

However, we can all do our best to be more aware of road safety measures. Following these points will not only ensure that you clear the MOT test, but also make your car safer.

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