MOT Test 101: A Detailed Guide

It is mandated that every car more than three years old need to undertake a yearly MOT test in the UK. An MOT test refers to assessing chief electrical and mechanical components to ensure that the car is suitable to be driven on the road.

Despite this requirement, a recent study showed that almost 20 per cent of vehicles in the UK hit the road without having an MOT certificate. Did you know that driving without having a valid MOT certificate can make you liable for a fine of up to 1000 pounds?

Passing an MOT Buxton test is key to ensuring that your vehicle remains roadworthy.

Preparing Your Vehicle for the MOT Test

Firstly, you need to find out when your car is due for this test. You can find it out by putting in your vehicle details at GOV.UK. You can also avail the option of a free MOT reminder, so you don’t miss the due date.

To prepare your car for this test, inspect all the components like lights, windscreen wipers, and tyres. It will put you at a higher chance of qualifying for this test in one go.

Duration and Cost of MOT Test

A typical MOT Test can consume anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes of your time. But this time is also subject to various factors. If your car does not qualify for the test and need repairs, then the test’s duration will increase. If your car has not passed the test, then the garage will not let you drive away from the car until all the issues are resolved.

The cost of an MOT test is set by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. Presently, the charges of this test for cars are 54.85 pounds. For motorbikes, it is 29.65 pounds. But you can also search for discounts online and can avail of MOT tests at significantly cheaper prices.

Why Many Vehicles Fail the MOT Test?

A few minor faults may make your car fail the MOT tests. Some of them are:

  • Not topping the screen wash.
  • A dirty or cluttered car.
  • A registration plate that doe not follow the DVLA guidelines.
  • Any sticker on the windscreen which is obstructing the view of the driver.
  • Warning lights on the dashboard lighting up.

What to Do if Your Car Fails the MOT Test?

If your present MOT certificate is valid and the test has not detected any problems of severe magnitude in your car, then you can get your car repaired anywhere. However, you should get your car repaired for the best results and let the MOT test be conducted at a trusted centre.

However, if there are any repairs to be made after the test, they may be quite expensive, especially if it is an older car. In such a scenario, you can skip the repairs and go in for a new car instead.

What about an MOT Retest?

Before taking the retest, you should resolve all the faults in your car. After that, you should go for a partial MOT retest, which your car should pass. Then, you can also place your car in the care of the centre. They will carry out the repairs, and you can also avail of a free partial retest. But it will only be valid if it is conducted within ten days of you not passing the MOT test.

If you give your car to the same test centre after ten days of you not qualifying for the test, you will have to give a nominal fee for the partial retest.

The MOT test is critical for maintaining your and your vehicle’s safety. In case of any other queries about it, you can visit GOV.UK.

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