Mot Test Explained In Simple Terms

Road hazards and accidents are often caused due to 2 major reasons. Irresponsible driving and unfit vehicles lead to accidents and collisions. This is why many countries have introduced annual vehicle tests to ensure they remain roadworthy. The UK government is not behind these countries. It introduced the MOT test to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

What is An MOT test?

Known as the Ministry of Transport test, it is conducted by the ministry of the same name. The test is held annually, and every vehicle that has completed three years of service is eligible for the test. It involves thoroughly examining and analysing the vehicle and its components for faults and leaks. The result of the MOT Redditch test comes according to the maintenance of your vehicle. 

MOT Redditch

Categories Of The Result

The test result depends entirely on how poorly or well-maintained your car is. The better your car’s health more you will be chances of passing the test. The MOT is conducted keeping in mind the vehicle’s condition. You will either pass the test or fail it. 

A vehicle that is maintained well and has zero easily passes the MOT test. The certificate is issued to the driver, and the vehicle is good to go. 

Sometimes a warning notice is issued to a car that passes the test with minor faults. This is done to remind the driver that the car needs some repairs that are not dangerous but may be harmful in the long run. 

A vehicle with major faults always fails the MOT. However, you can still drive the car to get the repairs done. 

Failing an MOT with dangerous faults means you don’t get to drive the car and take it for repairs. They will have to be done at the test centre itself. In case you want to get the repairs done at a different garage, the vehicle would need to be towed. 

Significance Of The Mot

A vehicle that doesn’t possess the MOT passing certificate is subject to a fine. This also costs you a few points on your license. The sole purpose of this test is to keep you safe. A well-maintained car has more chances of staying safe and avoiding road accidents. 

What If I Fail The Test?

Vehicle failing the MOT will need to schedule a retest. After the repairs have been done, you can take the car to the test centre on a given date and time. You also get a free MOT retest within ten working days of failing the MOT test.

How To Pass The Test?

The straight way of passing an MOT is by being punctual and regular with your car’s maintenance service.

Other tips include:

  • All the stickers blocking the driver’s view should be removed from the windshield. 

  • The mirrors, lights, and horns should be in working condition. 

  • The vehicle should be washed before you take it for the test. All the litter and garbage should also be thrown out. 

  • The number plate should be in the correct order according to the guidelines of the ministry. 

The MOT test keeps you safe. It ensures that the vehicle is free from all faults and leaks. You are advised to get the services and annual maintenance done on time. This keeps your car in good condition and the chances of passing an MOT also increase.

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