MOT Test Facts

For some car owners getting a car serviced can be an expensive ordeal. It can prove to be even more costly if the service center that is responsible for the scheduled maintenance of the car identifies various problems with the owner’s vehicle.

According to a recent study owner of the vehicle can excuse themselves from paying these huge amounts of bills by simply getting their MOT test done ahead of the vehicle service. as a part of the MOT test, several problems can be recognized during the mandatory checking of the vehicle. By doing so an owner can save himself from paying the labor costs in services which are nearly £80 per hour.

A database maintained by MotorEasy has nearly 20,000 vehicles in it. In these vehicles, 80 percent of the problem found in the vehicles during their servicing would also get flagged during the MOT test. It leads to a simple conclusion that the service center technicians or mechanics that are carrying out the servicing of the vehicle are duplicating the work of the MOT test. This move of theirs is creating a huge hole in the pockets of the drivers.  As per a car maintenance company, it takes approximately an hour to conduct the MOT test. From this, it can be comprehended that nearly one hour’s worth of labor cost can be saved. This can save a lot of money as sometimes the labor costs can be as high as £250 per hour.

According to a recent survey, approximately 29 million MOT tests are conducted every year. The average labor cost that is being shelled out of motorists’ pockets amounts to nearly £2.2 billion. According to research, MOT is one of the best ways for finding out the problems associated with the vehicle that needs urgent rectification.

The areas that are covered under the MOT Hucknall include suspension, brake performance, emission, steering, and bodywork. The service items that usually get flagged include tyres, brakes, lights suspensions, windscreen wipers, and suspension parts.

The owner of the vehicle should intelligently choose the garage. This is important because if the same garage is carrying out the MOT test then first the owner will have to pay for the repairing and then he/she would be required to pay for the MOT. Thus it is very important to note that the owners request that the MOT test should be carried out first.

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