Motorway, Countryside or Racetrack – Michelin Tyres to the Rescue!

Driving on the long and twisty British countryside is a whole different experience worth looking out for. Now, to get that perfect ride, you need that perfect set of tyres for your car. If you are looking for something with excellent performance, long service life, and a budget-friendly option, you can take a look at what Michelin has to offer.

Michelin is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world, and in their 129 years of existence, they have spread to every corner of the globe. Their products are extremely popular in the UK, especially in industrial areas like Northampton. If you are looking for new tyres in Northampton, Michelin’s range might be able to fulfil your need.

Michelin has a wide range of products to choose from. You can buy tyres for your family car, SUV, or even for your brand new electric vehicle. Let’s look at some of their most sought-after products.

  1. Michelin PRIMACY 4 – A new design from the house of Michelin, their PRIMACY 4 brings balance in performance and economy. Their unique design pattern and high-performance rubber compound give outstanding wet braking capability, even when it starts to wear out.

  2. Michelin PILOT SPORT 4 – If you are looking for a set of brand new Michelin tyres Northampton which will be perfectly suitable for your daily commute around the city as well as occasional road tours, their PILOT SPORT 4 will be your perfect choice. It has a hybrid belt made from Aramid and Nylon fibres, giving excellent steering feedback. PILOT SPORT’s new compound is hydrophobic, making it an ideal choice for adverse weathers.

  3. Michelin LATITUDE Sport 3 – This innovative product is often regarded as one of the best choices for SUV car tyres in Northampton today. Its all-new design offers 2.70-meter shorter braking distance on wet roads, with a high level of robustness. Michelin claims it lasts at least seven months longer than its competitors.

  4. Michelin LATITUDE CROSS – If you fancy something that will give you the option to go on-road and off-road anytime you want, get the Michelin LATITUDE CROSS for your car. It uses aggressive shoulder design with Michelins “Terrain-Proof” compound, making it longer lasting and excellent performing in adverse terrains.

  1. Michelin AGILIS Cross Climate – Whether you drive a mini-van or commercial light track, the AGILIS range of tyres are specifically designed for your everyday professional use. They are the best tyres in Northampton if you are looking for a long-lasting and economical solution for your business. The Cross Climate offers safety in every weather condition and adequate traction in all terrains. Also, Michelin promises at least 35% increased mileage compared to other companies products.

  2. Michelin ENERGY E-V – Looking ahead for a cleaner and greener future, Michelin made a tyre designed exclusively for electric vehicles. The ENERGY E-V uses latest improvements in tyre designs to create treads that flatten out against the road to save energy. It gets 20% reduction in rolling resistance and adds up to 6% more distance in every recharge. It also incorporates 40% more lateral blocks, making it a lot quieter.

Michelin brings some of the cutting-edge technologies to your vehicle. And with reputed UK garages selling the latest range of Michelin tyres, like Superior Cars Northampton ; choosing the best set of tyres for your car is easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Master the roads with your brand new set of Michelin car tyres. Read more about our other services MOT Test.

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