Must Follow Tyre Changing Tips for SUV Owners

Are you an SUV owner? Do you often go for off-road drives? Then you must as well be cautious about the tyre condition of your vehicle. SUV tyres do incur a lot of stress owing to intense off-roading and therefore undergo periodic maintenance and alteration.

In this respect, Bridgestone emerges to be a popular name amongst enthusiasts as a reliable and dependable name in the SUV tyre market. However, there are a number of things you as a vehicle owner need to keep in mind before opting for Sandy Auto Centre tyres.

  1. Go For The Conditional Purchase

Think about the worst of weather as well as road conditions that your vehicle tyres will have to encounter and make your purchase accordingly. For deciphering the same, check the load rating of tyres at Sandy.

In this respect, choosing the right tread pattern deems to be crucial. For instance, for road trails bearing a muddy, rocky or gravel laden covering, deeper and more aggressive grooves must serve the purpose. Similarly, if you are going to cross path with heavy snowfall, then new Tyres Sandy bearing cross treads should make their way to your shopping list.

Note: Snowy conditions demands for softer rubber compounds as it counters the stiffening syndrome tyres face at temperatures below +7 degrees C.

  1. Is Your Truck Meant For Off-Roading?

A strange and yet a very important question. Not all trucks are meant to play with dirt trails. Forced improvisation of even the best Bridgestone off-road tyres can prove to be detrimental to the suspension health of your vehicle.

No doubt, putting on extra beefy tyres helps your SUV foster an imposing look. However, permanent damage to the leaf-spring of your vehicle can cause you significant amounts from your pocket.

In this respect, HP Sport Tyre from Bridgestone, released earlier this year has brought about a revolution in the SUV tyre market. With their alternately crossed tread design and deeper grooves, Bridgestone claims this to be the best SUV tyre available for purchase.

  1. The Correct Timing

If you are using Bridgestone tyres at Sandy, then you must be already well-acquainted with their longevity. So, know the right time of altering the existing ones for new variants.

But how to do so?

SIMPLE! Clean out the dust and grit from a section of the tyre and fit the depth gauge. Check for the precise positioning of the wear bars. If you find them getting close to label with the tread perfectly, then it is time to change your tyres.

Note: Be it all-season or high-performance tyres; make sure they are changed within the 50,000 to 80,000-mile range. Buy adept Sandy Auto Centre tyres and make sure they stick to your budget.

  1. TPMS May Not Be Accurate

Often worn out tyres may show perfect pressure readings, convincing you to carry on with the same. However, truth be spoken, such readings may prove to be detrimental or even fatal leading to sudden puncture or even a blowout.

Under such circumstances, it is advisable to opt for a depth gauge reading before looking to change your existing Bridgestone tyres.

Tyres form an integral part of any SUV and providing them with the right wheels is a trivial maintenance job. So, fit your vehicle with adept Sandy Auto Centre tyres at Sandy and forget the days of shying away from off-road terrains.

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