New MOT Test Regulations and Changes You Should Know

Over a third of the vehicles that take their MOT consistently fail the test at the first attempt. In May of 2018, a new set of rules and regulations were implemented for cars to pass an MOT. How ready is your vehicle to get through this new MOT in Luton?

If you want to pass the MOT on the first go, given below is the list of modifications and regulation changes. Let’s go through these specific changes in minute details to perceive the impact they might have on an average car owner taking his or her MOT test in Luton.

Make sure that your car meets the new upgraded standards every time while going for the test.

  1. Fluid leaking from your vehicle

Your vehicle will undergo inspection for leakages that might bear any risk for the environment. If there is any, it can lead to MOT failure. To ensure this doesn’t occur, frequently check under your vehicle to spot fluid leaks and if you can see any, immediately take it to a repair station.

  1. Inflation of tyres

According to the current modification to the regulations, your vehicle tyres in Luton will also undergo scrutiny. If they are underinflated or even overinflated beyond safety levels, it will be noted as a failure. Hence, make sure that your car tyres have the proper inflation level at all times.

  1. Categories of defect

If there are any problems detected during your MOT in Luton, then it will now fall under one of the following three categories:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Dangerous

If there are only minor issues, then you will pass the test without any hurdles.

However, if your vehicle has some issues which are termed as dangerous or major, then you have to rectify them immediately.

For major faults, you are at liberty to take your vehicle to a different service station and repair them there. In case of dangerous faults, your car will not be released from the test centre without repairing the concerned parts. In both cases, you have to take a retest to obtain your MOT certificate. If you take the retest at the same centre within ten working days, you just have to pay a partial fee.

To make sure your car is at its peak performance level, you can take it to automobile experts at garages like DriveRyteLuton. They have professional and skilled expert mechanics who can ensure that your vehicle is fit for its MOT in Luton. They can also help you with other essential services such as exhaust repairs and brake issues.

Inspection on diesel cars

The upgraded format also has a few new inclusions for diesel cars.

  • Any tampering or removal of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Exhaust smoke of any colour during the testing phase

If your vehicle has any of these issues, then it will not pass the MOT test in Luton.

So, next time when you go for the test, inspect the points mentioned here in advance. If you discover any issues, then make sure to take your vehicle to the nearest service station and rectify them before the test.

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