Own A 4WD? Here’s A Guide To Pick The Right 4X4 Tyre

4WD (4 Wheel Drive) owners use their vehicles for various reasons. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully invest in the right 4×4 tyres to meet your expectations. Buying an inappropriate set of tyres can result in years of frustration and inevitable early replacement due to unsatisfactory performance.

For example, if one does 90% of road driving, then going for All-terrain tyre is not the smartest choice.

However, there are a few aspects you must look into when purchasing 4×4 car tyres in Sleaford.

Types of 4×4 tyres –

  1. All-terrain (A/T) tyres

One of the most popular tyre choices, all-terrain tyres offer excellent off-road performance in the British county sides. They have been through a long innovation process in the past couple of years. It strikes a terrific balance between on-road and off-road manoeuvrability. Moreover, A/T tyres sport rounded shoulders and lugs design making it less susceptible to punctures.

Thus, before you buy 4×4 tyres in Sleaford, keep in mind, these tyres suit only those who drive most of the times in off-road conditions.

  1. Highway-terrain (H/T) tyres

Highway-terrain tyres are suitable for motorists who predominantly use their car on motorways. H/T tyres deliver a smooth drive and excellent manoeuvrability. Its closely-knit tread patterns along with small shoulder and tread design reduce road noise significantly.

Furthermore, H/T tyres can withstand higher temperatures and speeds. You can buy highway-terrain car tyres in Sleaford from any reputable garages. Buy only the high-quality branded ones for maximum performance.

  1. Mud-terrain (M/T) tyres

These specialised tyres are meant for 4WD enthusiasts who tackle off-road tracks. M/T tyres’ aggressively placed open-tread pattern offers superior traction on marshy and muddy lands. Here, the tread pattern and rubber compounds are specifically designed to handle harsh road conditions. So, if you’re a motor-sport enthusiast or want to explore unchartered territories, you can go for these 4×4 tyres in Sleaford. However, they don’t play any role in the benefits or features of on-road handling.

A quick look into brands

While buying 4X4 tyres, never skimp on the quality. Automobile experts recommend going for only the reputed brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone and Hankook among others.

You can choose from these –

  1. Goodyear

  • Wrangler AT/S

  • Wrangler TrailRunner AT

  1. Bridgestone

  • Dueler A/T D693 III

  • Dueler A/T Revo 3

  1. Hankook

  • Dynapro At RF08

  • Dynapro AT-M

All of these tyres are capable of handling both on-and-off road terrains. They feature industry-leading multifaceted tread blocks, delivering excellent traction on a gravel road or dirt trails. Check for the M+S sign on the tyres – indicating their all-terrain versatility.

Where to buy these tyres from?

You can get high-quality 4×4 tyres from Roberts Tyres who specialises in all-terrain vehicle tyres in Sleaford. Apart from selling tyres, they also offer wheel alignment and tyre repair services.

Following these tips will provide with an overall idea of which tyres to choose for your 4WD vehicle. Although these tyres vary in style and treatment, yet they all perform decently in 4×4 conditions.

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