Performance Tyres: How Long Can They Last?

Tyres have a big hand in the way your vehicle responds on the roads. We may not know but it’s a fact that they play a major role in the cornering and braking of your vehicle. It won’t be wrong to say tyres are the indispensable part of the driver of the vehicles. We get to know this more when we witness the way tyres handle difficult roads. If you’re a driver of a sports car, you know what role the tyres play in your life.

Performance tyres are those tyres that are designed to give increased traction on the roads. The responsiveness and the handling of the vehicle increase manifold when one uses performance tyres. They are made with unique rubber compounds that are soft and constructed with special technology. They are designed to give you superb performance on the roads and that’s how they got their name. However, these tyres are not meant for all vehicles. They work the best only for a certain type of vehicle. Since these tyres are meant to provide you with speed, it’s often opined that they don’t last long. This blog is going to discuss just that. Before that, let’s see what factors affect the tyres.

Factors Affecting Your Tyres

There are many factors that decide the life of your Mobile Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury and performance tyres aren’t aloof of that. There are certain things that are common for all.

  • The climate of the place is a major factor deciding the life of your tyres, as that affects the quality of your rubber. Performance tyres are designed keeping certain conditions of weather in mind.
  • The tread of the tyre is another thing that affects the life of the tyres. It’s the only part that is in contact with the roads. Naturally, it gets damaged the most. This is the part of the tyre that wears out the most. If there are too many punctures close to each other in the tread, you aren’t left with any option but to change the tyres.
  • Roads are not always kind to the tyres. There are times when you do find potholes and patches on the roads. They can be harsh for the tyres. If you need to drive on such routes quite often, then you’ll need to buy new tyres earlier than usual.
  • A lot depends on the individual driving style. Abrupt braking or sharp turns at the speed all deteriorate the life of the tyres.

Do the Above Points Apply to Performance Tyres as Well?

Having said the above points, they are all applicable for performance tyres as well. In fact, tyres that brag of enhanced traction and handling will certainly have a shorter lifespan. Since they are meant for high speeds, they wear out faster. On average, these Car Tyres Shrewsbury can last up to 40,000 miles.

How to Increase the Life of the Performance Tyres?

  • Keep checking the air in the tyres. Under-inflated tyres become a major cause of the quick wear and tear of the tyres. Checking the tyre pressure every few weeks will help you tremendously.
  • Keep rotating the tyres. It’s the best way to ensure the enhanced life of the tyres.
  • Keep checking the wheel alignment from time to time. The moment you fund something fishy, immediately take your car to some mechanic and get your tyres checked.
  • Drive carefully. Don’t have this notion that they are performance tyres, they can bear rash driving.

 Doing these little acts can increase the life of your performance tyres to quite a large extent.

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