Pirelli elect p zero tyres: Tyres for electric cars

Pirelli tyres have been producing best quality tyres from so many years. They have been counted among the highest performing tyre brands. They offer excellent handling on both wet and dry roads. They produce tyres for all type of seasons, be it summer, winter or rainy. With the needs of the people changing, Pirelli is working hard to enhance their driving comfort. Pirelli has proven to be technologically advanced, promising high standard performance. They have introduced new tyres known as Pirelli Elect P Zero.

But what was the need to build electric cars? Why do people prefer them?


Pirelli Elect P Zero is designed for plug-in vehicles. Plug-in vehicles combine gasoline with electric engine or a rechargeable battery. They are constructed so that they could be recharged from an outlet. This makes them capable of driving at long distances with the help of electricity.

Pirelli Tyres Reading are aiming to give the users a refined experience. In the coming years, electric hybrid cars are going to be the new norm. People are more inclined towards using electric cars because they do not rely on fuel combustion processes for procuring energy. This way, they help in reducing the fuel costs because you are not expected to pay for petrol or diesel.

Also, you do not have to worry about maintenance. In a traditional car, there are many parts which should be looked after. They have a higher chance of getting damaged. But in electric cars, there is no need to worry about any parts. They also give high performance to the riders. Pirelli, keeping this in mind, designed many features in Pirelli Elect P Zero.


Pirelli Elect tyres have low rolling resistance. This helps the car to move on the roads by maximising the car’s range. Making of the ‘Elect’ tyres is one step towards supporting environment. They are built with eco-friendly characteristics.

In electric cars, the engine does not make loud noises. Pirelli Elect Tyres Reading use “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” during the production of these tyres. They aim to reduce the noise from the tyres by utilising dampers. This is to ensure silence inside the cabin. Mathematical models are used to decipher the sequences that contribute to creating noise.

A softer rubber compound is used in the making of these tyres. It takes a lot of years and cooperation to build a specific model. There are a lot of factors to be kept in the mind. The testing procedures have to be repeated. It is to be made sure that these tyres are tailor-made for a specific balance, weight and driving characteristics.

Pirelli Elect tyres are built with harder materials on the sidewalls. They are built so that they can carry additional weight due to battery weight on the vehicle floor. The R&D team works really hard to ensure that the tyres constructed provide higher acceleration. Normal tyres usually wear out faster which hampers their output and function. The acceleration becomes really high in electric cars because of the higher torque as compared to the internal combustion vehicles.

Also, a well-built tyre could increase the driving range by 10 per cent.

Basically, an EV Tyres Reading is designed by keeping four principles in the mind: high torque, long-range, minimal noise and lightweight.

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