Pirelli Shuts up Every Other Tyre Giant – Introduces the ‘Talking’ Car Tyre!

What happens when you mix the expertise of 146 years with a constant desire to create something to stay ahead of your competition? You create a company like Pirelli, who, in turn, creates tyres like Connesso that informs you about its own health in real time!

Since its inception, Pirelli has always used innovations to rule the automobile market. Pirelli’s tyres have been in Formula One and Superbike championships, along with a host of other races around worldwide. By staying at the forefront of innovation, they have made a name for themselves that still creates envy among other tyre manufacturers.

So What’s The Big Fuss?

In 2017, Pirelli made another breakthrough. They created a system that informs the car owners about the condition of their tyre in real time. This system helps vehicle owners understand the state of the tyre and keeps them safe in adverse road conditions. This system is cleverly integrated into the Pirelli Connesso line of tyres.

Connesso is an interconnected system. Sensors inside the tread interact with an onboard computer, which in turn sends the data to the car owner via their smartphone.

Doesn’t A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Do The Same Thing?

Not precisely. A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) does not work when your car is not running. Connesso works whether your vehicle is stationary, or on the move. Even the first iteration can identify a tyre ID, and the sensors can read its temperature, load, and the mileage you are getting. Pirelli promised that a later version would be able to identify a sudden pressure drop. Furthermore, if the tyre gets worn out, it will automatically initiate a replacement procedure.

The integrated network will allow you to identify when your car tyres reach their limit, and its geo-positioning system will show you the nearest service garage that you can take your car to. The mobile app will display the estimated distance that you can drive your car for, along with providing an option to schedule an appointment at a garage.

That’s A Promising Future!

Pirelli made the roads a lot safer by integrating the real-time application of AI and networking it with their servers. By identifying defects, the Connesso system will make roads a lot safer. Also, by providing handy features like book-from-app and real-time notifications, it will make the entire process of servicing your car a lot easier.

They could have stopped there, but in typical Pirelli style, they added a few more tricks. With the app, you can access a concierge service that will help you find the perfect solution for your car’s tyre related services. Also, you get access to the Connesso Club, a customer-only service for promoting their exclusive contents. In the near future, you will be notified of any motorsports event in your area and will be able to interact with other Connesso users.

Adventure, Safety and Passion; A Complete Package

Modern day and age have changed the definition of collecting and using information. Pirelli took a bold step to create a revolutionary product out of something ordinary. The best part about the Connesso is its availability. If you want, you can get these from your local garage. For example, MG Auto Motorsport Ripley, one of the largest tyre retailers in their neighborhood, stores these Pirelli Tyres in Ripley.

Promising an entirely new generation of mobility and safety, Connesso is here to change the future. Pirelli’s take on integrated tyre technology has once again propelled them to eminence in the tyre manufacturing market. for more detail visit our website www.mgautos.uk.com

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