Pirelli Technologies open up a New Era in Tyre-Making!

Well, for regular users, you may wonder what all the hype is about, but the thing is Pirelli remains one step ahead of the game when it comes to tyre technologies.

You might think – “these are just random round black tyres!” However, encompassing these tyres are excellent, innovative pieces of machinery that hideaway years of hard work, innovations, development & testing to provide you with better tyres with a unique tread pattern and optimised safety!

In fact, here is a glimpse of the latest technologies used by Pirelli for their modern day tyres –

  1. Pirelli Connesso™

The Pirelli Connesso™ is a tyre that communicates with the user with an app, providing real-time information about the condition of their car’s tyres.

How does it work?

The Pirelli Connesso™ app uses the help of on-trend technology in noting when tyre pressure is low or how much grip is required in different temperatures. Additionally, it records tyre wear and actual-time pressure readings.

This helps drivers to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience. So, the next time you’re out to pick new tyres in Harrogate, go for Pirelli for their unmatched safety and pleasurable driving experience.

  1. Pirelli Noise Cancelling System

How annoying is the sound of tyres screeching, not to mention, the fear that something is wrong with the car! Well, if you’re looking for a smooth ride free of noise, here’s another reason to pick Pirelli while selecting your new tyres – Pirelli Noise Cancelling System.

With Pirelli’s noise cancellation system, the issue of cavity noise and vibration is solved, providing drivers with a hassle-free ride.

Here are the noted benefits of using PNCS –

  • A sound absorbing sponge is filtering noise inside the tyre themselves.
  • Noise reduction by 2-3 decibels.
  • Provide superior handling and precise steering feedback.
  1. Pirelli Seal Inside™

Do you recall the moment when your car had a puncture and you had to wait hours stranded on a highway for a mechanic to turn up?

Well, good news! With Pirelli Seal Inside™ technology, you can continue to drive your car to safety even after a puncture. This technology ensures that vehicles can keep running without air pressure preventing chances of road accidents.

All the more reason to pick Pirelli while you’re out shopping for tyres Harrogate, right!

Let’s look at the features –

  • Using a special material, the tyre forms a mirroring tread pattern inside it. This material blocks air leakage regardless of the presence of external objects.
  • Material: Seal Inside™ clots the leak in the case of punctures or when the tyre gets compromised.
  1. Run Flat™

The speciality of this feature is this allows users to keep driving their vehicle even with a flat tyre while retaining full control of the car.

Plus point – Pirelli’s technology allows the car to run up to 50 miles at a minimum speed of 50 mph. Next time you are looking to buy run-flat tyres, you can check out the extensive range of Hg Motors tyres Harrogate and avail the best product for your vehicle.

So, there you have it, Pirelli isn’t just another company making round black rubber tyres; it’s about safety, comfort and a smooth ride. So, go to your trusted auto garage store and check out the latest Pirelli collection of new tyres in Harrogate or elsewhere.

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