Pirelli tyres are the choice of premium carmakers. As a result, this brand has achieved worldwide reach. The reason for this can be because Pirelli makes custom-fit tyres catering to each individual car. This extra effort by the Italian brand makes it the preferred choice of tyres for high-end cars.

High-end brands like Porsche, Ferrari etc. use Pirelli tyres. McLaren and Lamborghini have a special contract with Pirelli tyres. Pirelli tyres stand to be the sole car tyre supplier to these brands as per the contract. Pirelli provides the aforementioned car brands with tyres having special markings.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to refer to Pirelli as the preferred partner of the majority of car companies. Pirelli tyres are special because of their specific design characteristics. Each car manufacturer is provided with unique compounds, internal structures etc.

So, Pirelli also allows personalization in the tyre segment. This is evident from their Colour edition range. It is an established name in the world of motorsports. This does not mean that it lags behind in the regular tyre segment.


Pirelli tyres are preferred by non-racing consumers too as they provide maximum performance, handling comfort and safety. It provides tyres for numerous car types, namely, SUVs, sports cars, and city cars. It provides a vast inventory of all-season tyres, summer tyres and winter car tyres Birmingham.


Pirelli tyres stress the importance of using tyres of the right dimensions. As a result, their stock consists of a wide range of tyres for every type of vehicle in the market. Undoubtedly, for maximising safety and ensuring the best driving experience, the right dimensions are essential.

  • Such tyres allow the driver to travel safely and conveniently. The latest technology is used to provide drivers with durable and safe tyres.
  • This brand provides the best grip.
  • Pirelli car tyres are worth the investment. On comparing the cost with the benefits of Pirelli tyres we come to know that they are worth the money.
  • They do not slide on wet surfaces.
  • Pirelli tyres can be used in all conditions. This brand makes winter, summer and all-season tyres. This is done as per the needs of the driver.
  • These tyres stand out to be the best performing tyres on wet roads.
  • No unwanted noise as their latest technology prevents wheels from making unwanted sounds.


Pirelli tyres are the best tyres for use in cold conditions. Interestingly, these tyres perform best when the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius or lower. On the other hand, at normal temperatures to the performance remains unaffected. As a result, this tyre is the ideal choice for a driver looking for smooth driving in cold temperatures. Investing in Pirelli tyres is the golden opportunity to have premium quality tyres and the latest technology at once.

You must now have a good idea about why Pirelli tyres are the best addition to your car.

We, at BR Car Care Service Centre, provide the purchasers with a diverse range of Pirelli Tyres. customers can purchase online also. Subsequently, you just need to provide details like vehicle registration number or tyre size details. Subsequently, customers can comfortably browse our inventory and choose the best Pirelli tyres.

The Pirelli car tyres that can be found in our inventory are

  • Pirelli 270 S0
  • CIN P7
  • P-ZERO
  • PZ COR
  • PZ ROS and many others.

The whole inventory can be accessed on our website.


At BR Car Care Service Centre, the best-selling Pirelli tyres are Winter Sottozero 3 and p Zero NCS. Winter Sottozero 3 offers maximum control, performance and safety in winter conditions. This variant focuses on providing the best braking performance and handling in wet conditions.

On the other hand, the p Zero NCS variant is for the summer season. This variant comes with a customised tread. As a result, it provides better safety on slippery surfaces. Whereas the outer tread lowers the unwanted sounds. We also provide all-season Pirelli tyres in Birmingham at the best rates possible. Some of them are Cinturato All Season Plus and Cinturato All Season. Your search for the best deals on Pirelli car tyres ends here so just visit BR Car Care Service Centre.


BR Car Care Service Centre is the best place for Pirelli tyres Birmingham. We provide premium quality tyres and car services. The same can be booked online. So, hurry and visit us for the best service and customer assistance. If you are looking for any more information or have some queries, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us. You can mail us at brcarcarebirmingham@gmail.com.

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