Prolong Your Car Tyre Life by Aligning the Wheels Today

According to the Department for Transport, poor tyre maintenance is one of the top reasons for accidents. Back in 2015, the organisation found that around 40% of crashes were tyre related. Also, poorly maintained tyres caused more than 440 accidents in 2017.

Maintaining your car tyres is as essential as taking care of the engine. Tyres not only deliver a safer drive but also affect your vehicle’s mileage. The right set of tyres can save you up to 10 to 20% on fuel costs.

How to Take Care of the Tyres?

One of the significant ways to extend the life of your car tyres is through Wheel Alignment in Preston. It is a process by which car garages align the wheels so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road.

What causes wheels to become misaligned?

  • Sudden forceful impact, primarily caused by driving at high speeds over potholes, curbs or speed bumps
  • Damaged suspension system
  • Modifying your car height

What are the consequences of misaligned wheels?

Driving with misaligned wheels can cause your car Tyres in Preston to get worn only on one side. Known as feathered wear, one side of a tyre remains relatively unscratched while the other side becomes smooth.

Another symptom of misaligned wheels is vehicle drifting to one side of the road. Also, your car’s steering wheel may vibrate and be off-centre.

How does Wheel Alignment in Preston work?

Wheel alignment is usually of the following three types:

  1. Camber Alignment

Camber alignment makes your car wheels perpendicular to the road. It restores the outward or inward tilts of a wheel as seen from the front.

Positive camber happens when a wheel tilt outwards while negative camber occurs when it leans inwards.

  1. Toe Alignment

Toe alignment makes your vehicle wheels parallel to each other. It restores the outward or inward pointing of a wheel as seen from the above.

Positive toe or toe-in occurs when a wheel points outwards while negative toe or toe-out happens when it points inwards.

  1. Caster Alignment

Caster alignment restores the angle of a steering axle with the wheel. A positive caster occurs when the shaft points towards the front of your car while a negative caster occurs when it tilts towards the driver.

Other Ways to Take Care of Car Tyres

In addition to wheel alignment, you can rotate your car Tyres in Preston to extend their life. The front tyres are worn more quickly than the rear ones as they take the maximum pressure. Hence, rotating their place at regular intervals can even out this wear.

What else?

Also, keep your vehicle tyres rightly inflated. Proper air pressure helps to avoid premature wear and have more control over your car. You can check the pressure using an air gauge, available for as low as £2.

Make sure to avail Wheel Alignment  Preston if you come across any of the symptoms mentioned above. Professional car garages like Star Tyres provides such services at affordable prices. You can also avail other services like puncture repair, mobile tyre fitting, wheel balancing, and more.

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