Proper Tyres Upsizing and the Five Crucial Steps Keep your Tyres

Here are a few simple steps that allow you to keep your tyres in a good condition in a hassle-free manner.

Verifying Tread Wear

It’s advised that you check your tyre pressure every two weeks, including the spare tyres. This is crucial as the tyre surface can wear out unevenly due to poor inflation. Also, the tyres that are improperly inflated may burst on the highways risking your life.

The tyres must be checked when they are cold. You will find the suggested tyre pressure in the manual of the owner. In case of any damage like a puncture to the tyre, it must be completely removed from the wheel and inspected thoroughly from both outside and inside.

Sizing It Up

Among the owners of the car, a common trend of upgrading the tyres and wheels has been observed. Before deciding the correct size for your tyre and wheel, Manufacturers perform extensive research. This ensures a balance between efficiency, performance and comfort.

However, in some cases, cars are under-tired in the interest of efficiency, so if you would like to upsize Hankook Tyres for better performance or even aesthetics, you must visit a reliable garage for it.


Tyre failure can be prevented by a thorough visual verification at an early stage. Any irregularities like cracks, cuts and bulges must be regularly checked on the sidewall and tyre surface. The inner surface must also be checked. Tyre failures may occur when cracks due to debris, glass or stones get wider with time.

Rims must also be checked as a damaged rim may cause tyres Coventry failure gradually with time. You should replace a damaged rim immediately.  Suppose your tyre pressure looks normal but you see a nail in the tyre, then you should not pull that out as the air will escape this way. You must repair that immediately.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

The calibration of tie-rod and suspension settings is wheel alignment. If you trace vibrations in the steering or your vehicle is having uneven tyre wear or pulling to one side, you can solve these issues by having wheel alignment is done.

An unbalanced tyre may cause Steering vibrations. You need to rotate the wheel at high speed to verify whether there’s an imbalance. To balance them, you must add weights to the rim. For every 10,000km, you must balance the tyres.

Rotation of Tyre

To enable even tyre wear in all the tyres, the best method is the rotation of Hankook Tyres. This will extend their life of service. The kind of vehicle determines the tyres’ rotation, i.e. four-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. For every 10,000km, Wheel rotation is advised.


Tyres get adversely affected by pollution on the road and in the atmosphere, especially in cities. The rubber is softened by paraffin, tar, Oil, petrol and diesel fuel, and if they are not removed quickly, they can be quickly removed. They must be cleaned off with a mild detergent or soap and water.

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