Reading Your Car Tyre Size

A responsible owner should know more about their tyres than just the brand name. Just like any other thing, there is no end to knowing about tyres. But that can never be the reason to not start learning about it. Having a basic understanding of your vehicle is extremely important, especially about tyres as it is a vital part of the car.

As tyres remain low about the vehicle construction, it might be hard to notice all that is there on the tyre sidewall. If you take a close look, you will see a lot of information etched on it. It can say a lot of things about your Hankook Tyres Ashford and so let us begin from there.

Reading the Label

If you are thinking of buying new tyres for your car then you should know what your chosen tyres offer. That can be possible only if you know how to read a tyre label. While you look at the various signs and symbols present on your tyres it might seem a little confusing to you at first. Every sign has a meaning, and it also speaks about the tyre being of a kind with some particular characteristics. These signs can work as a means of identification of your tyre too. The usual tyre label shall appear as an alphanumeric code combination which seems somewhat like this: 208/50R18

  • Tyre width: the first three-digit number 208 is the width of the concerned tyre in millimetres. This means that the measurement of the tyre across the tread right from the sidewall would come around 208mm.
  • Aspect ratio: the next numerical code after the tyre width is the aspect ratio of the tyre. The term might seem to be something very complex, but it is simply the height of the tyre in terms of the tyre width percentage. So, if the number is 50 just like the one shown in the above sample, then the tyre height is 50% of the tyre width. And the tyre width and aspect ratio values are separated with an oblique symbol.
  • Radial: the letter R that is thereafter the aspect ratio value stands for radial tyres. This speaks for the tyre construction which can be either bias or radial. Modern tyres are mostly radial ones and so R is the most common symbol on the recent tyre labels. Radial tyres are constructed with a set of cord piles keeping them at an angle of 90 degrees to the direction in which the car travels.
  • Wheel diameter: the last digit in the given sequence is the diameter of the wheel to which the tyre needs to be fitted. This is a crucial matter as the slightest difference can be a major problem in the case of tyre fitting. Here the wheel diameter is mentioned as 18 inches. This means that this tyre will be a good fit only on a wheel having a rim size of 16 inches.

These are some of the most important tyre measurements that need to be known to every driver to have a better idea of the tyre and its features. Now that you know the various signs and their meaning, it will be easier for you to take care of your car tyres. This basic knowledge of tyre size reading is extremely important and useful at the time of tyre purchase. You can match your vehicle requirements with that of your chosen tyre by reading the label carefully. Tyre label is made mandatory in the UK for aiding the consumers in decision making and to reduce the chances of being a victim of cons at the time of tyre purchase.

Apart from these, there are many more codes that find their place on the tyre sidewall, but out of it there are two important things,

1. Tyre load index: it mentions the maximum capacity of carrying the load in kg within the safe limits. It is always recommended to avoid violating the limit.

2. Speed rating: this is expressed with the help of a letter and there is a big list of such letters which denote a specific measure. This rating is about how much of high speed is safe for your car Tyres Ashford to run at with the maximum load.

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