Revolutionising Streets of the Future – Goodyear Tyres, One Step Ahead of Time

Greetings car enthusiasts! If you’re wondering which one is the best brand of tyre for your new car, then let’s give you every reason to pick Goodyear the next time you go to your nearest car service garage.

All through 117 years, Goodyear has emerged as one of the largest Tyre manufacturers to rule the global market.

Presently,Goodyear employs around 66,000 people worldwide and constructs its products in almost 49 facilities in 22 countries.

Their two main innovation centres in Akron & Luxemburg have beencoming up with one breakthrough after another in the field of tyre technology. But recently,Goodyear has revealed a glimpse of their upcoming innovation which might be the ultimate future of tyre technology.

Presenting the Future of Tyres By Goodyear – The Eagle-360 Urban

The latest concept tyre by Goodyear, Eagle-360Urban comes equipped with a spherical, 3-D printed tyrethat integrates AI and advanced sensor fusion for interacting with its surroundings.

Very soon, you’ll be able to buy this range of Goodyear from reputable car service garages in the UK, for example -Spa Tyres Leamington Spa.

What’s Its Speciality?

As the future unfolds, almost every car will need to adapt to the road conditions which may compromise safety.To prevent youfromfacing unexpected incidents, Goodyear is bringing in their smart, spherical tyre!

Designed to match the safety and provide ultimate driving security to car owners, Eagle-360 has the following features –

  • Excellent manoeuvrability which magnifies safety owing to the tyre’s spherical shape along with multi-directional tyre grooves which promote safe driving.
  • Active technology allows this tyre to move as needed to help in monitoring road hazards like ice or debris-filled wet roads.
  • Using magnetic levitation, the car will be suspended from these tyres, reducing noise and providing comfort while driving.
  • The Eagle-360 Urban’s tread pattern replicates the designs of a brain coral, providing a secure and safe contact patch.

However, that’s now all in store for you, when you pick these new car tyres in Leamington Spa! The Eagle 360 Urban additionally will offer riders –

  • Safe options to deal with a puncture, adhering to new tread sensors. This tyre can contract and rotate to create a new contact path for reducing the pressure on puncture point. This helps the tyre to self-heal and get back to normal.
  • Another winning point for future users who will buy this range of car tyres in Leamington Spa, or anywhere else in the UK is: they will get to reap the benefits of AI with tyres. The Eagle-360 Urban allows cars to check and analyse road conditions real-time.
    Furthermore, it will help in processing information using neural networks implemented with designated algorithms.
  • Using an open loop communication systemto interact with other drivers on the road, this model can share information it captures for providing a better driving experience.
  • Lastly, these tyres can automatically detect the most appropriate tread patterns required and increase or decrease its air pressure to best match with its intelligent sensor integration.

Well, that’s about it.Soon, you’ll be able to witness the grandeur of the Eagle-360 Urban in vehicles near you. In fact, if you’ll like to participate in Goodyear’s success, wait till car manufacturers around the world create vehicles that will integrate this particular model, and enjoy mobility like never before.

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