Run-Flats: The Miracle Tyre That Works Even When It Is Completely Depleted

Back in 1934, Michelin released a special type of tyre that had a safety rim inside to carry the car’s weight even after a puncture. They advertised it as ‘semi-bulletproof’ tyres and sold it to the military and law-enforcement agencies.

Fast forward 84 years and run-flat tyres are one of the most preferred original equipment of many multinational car companies. These tyres are designed to travel a certain distance at a certain speed even after losing its air pressure. This feature makes run-flats a much more versatile and safer option than an ordinary car tyre.

How do they work?

Run-flat tyres use mainly three types of technology. There is the self-sealing variant, which uses a sealant that blocks the puncture hole on the carcass. The auxiliary-supported tyres use an insert attached to the wheel that bears the weight of the vehicle. Self-supporting run-flats have rigid sidewalls that carry the weight after a puncture. This variant is among the most popular run-flats around.

On average, you can drive for an extra 50 miles after a puncture if you are using these tyres. These are ideal for city commute; recent studies show car owners in the UK prefer run flat tyres in Manchester and other cities because of a lower risk of puncture and related breakdowns.

A few tips on run-flats

These tyres are built to operate under much tougher conditions than what an ordinary car wheel goes through. However, their unique construction means there are a few things you have to take into account if you are using them.

  • Is it possible to switch to conventional tyres?

Yes, you can use ordinary car tyres even in a vehicle that came with run-flats as OEMs. Most car owners do that as congenital tyres are much cheaper than their specialized counterpart. However, remember that your car’s suspension will work best with run-flats.

When you change the tyres, take it to a reputed car garage like Gilgal Tyre to also change the suspension settings. They stock and sell run-flat tyres of different brands and provides the necessary services and replacements.

  • Can they be repaired?

Most variants of these tyres are repairable. However, if there are significant damages caused to the sidewalls, it will become irreparable. These tyres are repairable only if the damage is on the crown of the tyre.

  • Can different brands of tyres be mixed together?

Experts advise using the same brand and type of tyre for all four wheels of your vehicle. However, if you are on a strict budget, you can use a pair of run-flat tyres on one axle if they are from the same brand.

  • Do they last as long as regular car tyres?

Generally, run-flat tyres and ordinary car tyres are composed of a similar rubber compound. You will see a similar tyre life and wear pattern on both these types. Also, these tyres don’t require any special attention. Check the air pressure and tread depth to increase their longevity.

Run-flat tyres have introduced a new era of safer and convenient driving, and they have become immensely popular among car owners all around the country. You can buy run-flat car tyres in Manchester or any other part of the UK at a reasonable price.

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