Say Yes or No to Low Profile Tyres?

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There is so much to know about a tyre that one not related to this field will not be able to believe. When one goes to buy a set of tyres, how many things should you consider? That is a big question for most people because nobody wants to regret their choice of tyres. There are so many reasons for that, one of which is the cost that is involved.

Tyres being an essential component of a vehicle, it cannot be neglected and needs to be changed when the time comes. But, it is not a cheap venture and also a wrong decision can be risky. One important factor that should be kept in mind while choosing tyres is the tyre profile. There are low profile tyres, standard profile and high profile tyres. But due to several reasons many opt for low profile ones these days. The question is whether they are right to make that choice.

Which are Low Profile Tyres?

The aftermarket tyres that look fancy and wide, which are now common on the road, are the low profile tyres. The tyres that brands like Pirelli and Bridgestone Tyres Cannock manufacture are nothing like those. Cars are not fitted with low profile tyres for a reason, which we shall get to know in some time. Pneumatic tyres with an aspect ratio of tread width less than 50 will be considered as a low profile tyre. A tyre profile, to be more specific, is the sidewall depth or you can say the height of the tyre’s side. These tyres do have some advantages for which the market is full of them now, but how many are making an aware decision. Let us get more informed about the pros and cons of low profile tyres.

Pros of Low Profile Tyres

The low profile tyres look amazingly fancy and are bigger in size. Their sidewalls are thin compared to the standard and high profile ones but much stiffer. For this reason they are capable of providing much better cornering capacities. Because of the wider tread, more area of the tyre gets in touch with the road surface which in turn helps in better braking and gripping. Usually dry grip is best in case of low profile tyres. Steering response is sharper than the other profile Car Tyres Cannock and vehicle handling is much smoother.

Cons of Low Profile Tyres

Even though it has so much to give, low profile tyres cannot be a safe option for long. The most marked disadvantage is that rims get damaged easily. The air cushion is quite low in low profile tyres which are unable to save the rim in case of a heavy impact. They are noisy too because of the maximum friction area which can be quite uncomfortable for all. These tyres are too risky to be used in wet season, as they might skid or slide. Fuel consumption is too much for a car fitted with these tyres. Also, they do not last for long and needs to be changed frequently. The amount of friction they face being so stiff makes them wear out faster. Considering all of the ups and downs of these tyres, the popularity of them becomes more conflicted.

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