Saying Goodbye to the Car Service Station: Keeps These Things in Mind

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We have all been there- waiting, at the service station, for our cars to be back from servicing. We are in a hurry, but the mechanics take their sweet time; then, as soon as we get hold of the car, we want to drive away. But wait, there are things you are overlooking which should be checked before you leave the service station. Here is a list of things to check before leaving the service station after that scheduled maintenance service.

Check the Job Card/Job Sheet

Before you hand over your car to the mechanic at the service station, he lists the works to be performed on the car, for the garage’s record. Changing of the engine oil, brake oil, coolant, brake pads, and any other task that you request will be mentioned on the job card. Other important things that can be found of the job card are:

  • estimated costs

  • odometer reading

  • fuel quantity

  • additional equipment present in the car

  • additional tasks that the customer requests

  • Date and time of receiving and delivery of the car

Therefore, do not forget the job card whenever you go to receive your car from service. It will help you remember and check if all the requested work has been done in a timely and professional way.

Engine Oil

Checking the engine oil is easy. After a regular maintenance service, make sure to check the engine oil of the car to ensure that it has been changed.

Detailed Bill

After service, when taking delivery of the car from the mechanic, always ask for a detailed bill. It will have a complete break down of all the parts used and the service employed, the labour cost, and additional costs if any.

Do not forget to cross-reference the bill against the job sheet to ensure that none of the requested jobs has been missed or any additional charges made.

Check the Car for any Damage and Loose Parts

Due to a large number of cars being serviced each day, there are often minor scratches or bumps that your car might suffer while at the workshop. Before taking delivery of the vehicle, check for any such damage. If any, ask the customer care advisor to get them fixed before taking delivery of the vehicle.

Additionally, do not forget to check for all the loose parts like foot-mats, tool kit, spare wheel, etc. while taking delivery.

Fuel Level

It is not something a lot of people take notice of, but should. While at the service centre, the car is not usually supposed to lose any fuel. So, to avoid any misuse of the car, make sure to check the fuel level against the level mentioned on the job card.

Replaced Parts

Check for the oil and air filters that have been changed. If you have any doubts regarding the work done, you can request the old parts to take home with you. Most service centres, to avoid misunderstandings, are more than happy to hand over the old parts that have been changed during the maintenance work.

Check the Odometer

It is normal for the car to be taken for a short test drive after the work on it has been completed to ensure there are no problems. This test drive will normally be between 2-3 km long. A longer drive may be necessary if the engine has to be tested.

Check the odometer when the car is being handed over to you against the job sheet to ensure there has been no misuse behind your back.

Tyre Condition, Balancing and Tread

Do check the tyre condition of the car along with the balancing. This should be done to make sure that you do not become a victim of wheel swapping.

The Interiors

Check the interiors of the car to make sure that they have been properly cleaned and polished; often in a hurry to finish the work, such things are overlooked.

Take a Test Drive with the Customer Care Advisor

Finally, when you get your hands on the keys to your car, make sure to go on a test drive with the customer advisor. Ensure that all the requested work has been done and that everything in the car is in order. This will ensure that you take delivery of the car only when you are completely satisfied with the work done.

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Tip: If your vehicle suffers any damage while at the workshop, it is the responsibility of the management to get it fixed. So do ensure everything is in order before taking delivery, and if it is not, refuse delivery of the vehicle until all issues have been resolved.

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