SMART Tyres And The Technology Behind It

As technology is progressing the word SMART is revolving around us. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, smart cars, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and more. Now, smart tyres have also come to the fore. All smart devices mostly work over the internet. Today, the devices can easily be connected to each other. The connection may be Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, WiFi, LiFi, and other wireless connections. The important aspect of this connection is that it is wireless. This technology is usable in a long-distance range without the need for complex circuitry of wires.

IOT – A revolution

Internet of Things (IoT) is the parent technology behind all these smart technologies. IoT does not require any human interaction. It is mostly a machine to machine interaction technology. It gathers data with the help of processors and sensors. After that data is analysed and everything works accordingly. All the interactions are analysed locally or over cloud storage. IOT runs each of the smart devices.

 Technical aspects of Smart Tyres

A smart tyre is also an innovation in tyre technology based on IoT. A smart tyre supports better fuel efficiency, safe drive, and reduction in the risk. Moving along the road, many vehicles have under-inflated or over-inflated tyres. Driving a vehicle with abnormal tyres is like an invitation to accidents. We need smarter tyres with technology to reduce accidents. It also overviews the tyre pressure and temperature so that it is regularly maintainable.

Elements of Tyres and Its Benefits

There are three elements: sensors, readers, and software. A sensor is placed on the inner lining of the tyre that measures tyre temperature and pressure. A yard reader station or a gateway is set up that regularly checks up the tyres. The gateway is the mediator between sensors and software. The software takes the data from the yard reader and analyses the data in the web portal. The system also sends notifications after identifying the problem arising in the tyre.

A tyre pressure monitoring system along with sensors records and sends the data to the owner of the vehicle. The sensor and the owner device has a wireless connection between them. The data is received in the application in the owner device or as a notification. The system will help in earlier detection and better rectification of any issues in tyres. Earlier, we didn’t have any prior knowledge about tyre condition. We were too late and had to spend tyre maintenance and repair costs. The smart tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne give us real-time data to check the condition of vehicle tyres. Through this mechanism, tyre health is retained. Thus, fuel efficiency is maintained and extra repairing or maintenance costs are reduced.

Smart tyres is a great innovation for vehicle safety and life safety as road accidents are common nowadays. Pirelli Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne, have launched a smart tyre capable of providing real-time statistics of tyre pressure, tyre condition to the driver. This helps in a problem-free driving. Further, the time gap of checking tyre health is very much. Moreover, a tyre is checked by just looking at it that is insufficient to know about its health. The continuous data analysis helps the owner in a great way.

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