So You Think You Know How to Change Your Car’s Engine Oil? Think Again

Every car owner around the world knows that periodic oil change is a very important part of vehicle maintenance. It is not a complicated task. However, there are certain things you have to take care of if you want to do it properly. 

A lot of car owners merely top off the existing fluid with a fresh batch of engine oil, but that is one of the most harmful things you can do to your car engine. You should flush out the existing fluid, replace its oil filter, and then put in new engine oil when you are changing it. It might sound elaborate, but it is a fairly easy process, albeit slightly messy. You will extend your car’s life significantly if you follow the process to the ‘t.’

Preparing For An Oil Change

Before you start with an Oil Change Wolverhampton or any other place, you have to collect a few necessary things. You will need –

  • Rags

  • Wrench set, including oil filter wrench

  • Funnel

  • Oil pan

  • A car jack and jack stands

  • Wheel blocks

  • Safety glasses and rubber gloves

  • A bottle of engine oil. (You will find the recommended viscosity and grade in your car’s owner’s manual)

  • Engine oil filter, filter gasket, and drain plug washer

Always remember to buy good quality engine oil and oil filter. Even if they seem expensive, you will save a lot in the long run.

Starting With The Process

  • Park your car in a level ground with enough workspace around, apply the parking brakes, and switch off its engine.

  • Put the wheel blocks on its rear tyres and jack up front of your vehicle. Put the jack stands underneath its chassis, never work with only the car jack installed.

  • Place the oil pan underneath the engine draining plug. If you are unsure about which one it is, check the service manual, or look for the exhaust. The exhaust system will be connected to the engine, directly underneath which you will find the drain plug.

  • Open the hood and remove the oil cap. As soon as you remove it, oil will start draining out; collect it in an oil pan.

  • It will take a lot of time to drain out all the fluids from inside. During that time, change the drain plug washer. If your car came with a metal washer that is in good shape, reuse it. When it is not dripping any more, replace the drain plug and clean that area with a rag.

Replacing The Oil Filter

After attaching the oil plug, you need to replace your car’s oil filter. Typically, it will be near the oil pan underneath its engine.

  • Unscrew the filter and remove it from its assembly. Make sure to keep the oil pan under it to prevent any spillage.

  • While it’s draining, prepare the replacement filter. Put a filter gasket around its neck and put some fresh engine oil in it. Apply some on that gasket to ensure a better seal.

  • Carefully screw it back on. Take care not to cross thread it.

Putting New Oil In

Place a funnel in the fill hole and put a fresh batch of oil in. You will find the recommended amount in your car’s service manual. Put it in and screw on the fill cap. Carefully clean the surrounding with a rag.

Test it Out

Start the engine and check whether oil pressure light goes off after a second. Keep it running and look underneath for any leaks. If there is no splotch, you have done everything correctly. Remember to check the oil level with a dipstick afterwards.

Done correctly, this entire process should not take more than 1 hour. You will find all the necessary tools at affordable prices in a car garage like Auto Surefit. They offer general car service in Wolverhampton as well as sell spares at reasonable prices.

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