Springtime Essentials: How to Get Your Car Ready for the Upcoming Spring

Winter in the northern hemisphere officially ends on 20th March 2019. If we lived in the Game of Thrones universe, Maesters would have already sent ravens to all the kingdoms announcing the end of winter. Although that’s not going to happen in our real world, the slowly blooming trees are indication enough that the chill is well and truly behind us.

In that context, it is prudent to draw your attention to some maintenance and repairs that your car requires for the best springtime driving experience this year. Winters are particularly harsh for a car, what with all the ice, snow, sludge and salt.

Here’s a list of a few rudimentary maintenance and repairs you should consider.

1. Swap Tyres

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The days of winter tyres are over. It’s time to switch to summer or all-season tyres depending upon the weather where you reside.

While you are at it, do consider checking the alignment and balance of your wheels. Reputed garages like Easington Service station offer both these services along with numerous other elements of Car Repair Easington.

2. Clean Thoroughly; Start With The Undercarriage

The ice and salt mixture that the roads are covered with during winters severely corrodes the undercarriage of cars. As winter ends, clean your car thoroughly from top to bottom to get rid of those. It is always advisable to go for professional car washing services.

3. Inspect The Brakes

The same road salt may also negatively effect on your car’s brake pads. The metallic brake pads may get corroded. Take your car for a brake inspection and potential repair at the beginning of spring. Do not attempt to DIY. It requires professional expertise to perform such complex car repair in Easington.

4. Check Tyre Inflation Pressure

Inflation pressure in tyres is directly affected by weather conditions, as air expands with the rise in temperature. Modern tyres lose about 1 PSI of inflation pressure with every 6°C drop in temperature. As such, it is essential to inspect the inflation pressure at the beginning of each season without fail.

5. Change Oil and Inspect other Essential Fluids

Most carmakers recommend using a heavier grade of oil when the temperature is high. It might be a good idea to flush any remaining oil from the winter and refill the tank with a fresh batch of oil as the temperature begins to rise.

You should also take professional help for checking the condition of other fluids such as brake and transmission fluid. It’ll set you up for a smooth drive for the months ahead.

6. Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades tend to become stiff and brittle during winters. They might even develop cracks which render them ineffective in many situations. Replace your car’s wiper blades with a new set as spring sets in. It’s one of the most inexpensive car repairs with huge benefits.

Forget the harsh winter and ready your car for this upcoming spring and enjoy a smooth driving experience for months to come.

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