Steps You Should Take to Prolong the Life of Your Car Tyres

If you own a high-performance car, you might already have an idea of the exorbitant ornaments it will boast. Tyres are one such component, prices of which can cross £300. What matters is getting the best of every single pound.

A majority of car owners only concentrate on taking care of the engine. Occasionally giving it a check and changing the engine oil is something you might regularly perform. However, maintaining the tyres is also necessary if you want them to last longer. Also, you want to avoid spending a considerable amount on new ones now and then.

So, what to do?

Merely following a few simple steps ensures that your car tyres in Coventry continue to deliver consistent performance for prolonged periods.

Some of these simple but critical steps include:

  1. Check the tyres regularly

Periodical checks of your car tyres are necessary and also simple to do. Doing so is essential to look out for abnormal tyre wear caused by misaligned and imbalanced wheels.

Wheel misalignment

Wheels may become misaligned when you drive over speed bumps, potholes, and curbs at high speeds. Misaligned wheels are not parallel to each other or perpendicular to the road. Many a time, the steering axle, attached to a wheel, can also become skewed.

Driving on such tyres in Coventry will cause abnormal tyre wear. Other than just that, vehicle pulling to one side of the road, vibrations in the steering wheel or a crooked steering wheel are some of the more common typical symptoms of misaligned wheels.

What can you do?

Take your car to the nearest car garage that provides wheel alignment services. They will perform a camber, toe, or caster alignment to restore the original angle of your vehicle wheels.

Imbalanced wheels

Wheels that don’t have uniform weight throughout their circumference are imbalanced. New wheels may be imbalanced as a default, so it’s vital that you refer to a professional check during fitment.

How to balance wheels?

You also have to take the help of a professional to balance your vehicle’s tyres. They use a static or dynamic balancing machine to determine the area of imbalance and how much weight to add to counteract it.

Central Point MOT performs both wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Coventry. This renowned car garage in Coventry also provides other services like puncture repair, engine diagnostics, general car repairs, etc.

  1. Inflate the tyres

Maintaining accurate inflation pressure of your car tyres in Coventry helps to avoid premature wear and blowouts. You also have more control over your vehicle when tyres are correctly inflated.

How to check air pressure?

Get an air gauge. These are available online for as low as £2. Use the same every once in a while to check the air pressure. Refer to your car’s manual to check the recommended air pressure for the tyres.

  1. Rotate the tyres

Tyre rotation is essential to equal the wear undergone by the front and rear tyres. Your car’s front tyres get damaged more quickly as they take the majority pressure. Hence, interchanging them with the rear ones can make the erosion uniform.

Take care of your winter or summer cartyres in Coventry following the above steps can prolong their age substantially. Not only high performance but standard passenger car tyres can also benefit from the above.

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