Stop immediately if you drive on bald tyres

Do not infer from the term ‘balding tyres’ that tyres also have hairs that fall due to baldness. Actually, we are talking about tyre tread that you see usually on the tyres.

Believe it or not, but these deep cut-out patterns in the Tyres Northampton ensure optimum performance along with safety and fuel economy.

Properly made tread pattern in the tyres helps them maintain an optimal grip on the road. Manufacturers design these channels in different tyres according to the goal of driving.

For example, sports cars run on smooth roads and driving with bald tyres is possible. However, common conditions on a busy road are quite different. Driving on smooth tyres will increase the chances of accidents, punctures, reduced performance and disturbed fuel economy.

If you still believe that driving on bald tyres is OK, you will probably change your opinion after reading the following list of the main dangers of driving the car on bald tyres.

Driving in the rainy season:

While you drive your vehicle on worn-out tyres in a wet and slippery road, hydroplaning is the most frequent phenomenon that can occur. Your tyres slip on the surface of the wet road. You would find it extremely hard to control the vehicle with the steering wheel or applying brakes.

Isn’t this a dangerous situation?

Driving on snowy roads:

Winter tyres are available with specially designed small slits called sipes. Therefore, winter tyres have a great ability to bite into the snow and disperse the water in cold weather. Conversely, driving with a shallow tread may cause reduced traction and grip on snowy roads.

Driving in hot weather:

Tyres wear out quickly when they are running on the scorching hot roads. Now imagine the condition of a bald tyre in such road conditions. Bald tyres on hot road surfaces are frequent victims of tyre failure and sudden blowouts.

Frequent punctures:

The sidewall of balding tyres is weak and vulnerable to punctures due to any sharp object like a nail, piece of glass, or sharp corner of a curb. The puncture may further result in low air pressure or sudden blowout.

Increased braking distance:

Regardless of hot or cold weather, balding tyres affect the stopping distance. Therefore, you are at serious risk if you use the brakes suddenly. In this situation, you would not be able to stop the car and avoid a crash.

Underinflated tyres:

Balding tyres are underinflated more frequently. It obviously means you have to visit the service station repeatedly to check the air pressure. Moreover, underinflated and balding tyres double the risk of sudden blowouts and punctures.

We are sure these dangers will motivate you to replace your balding Ford Tyres Northampton. Superiors cars can help you find the best tyres for your vehicle, along with a wide range of products, we are ready to assist our customers with ultimate confidence.

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