Summer-Proofed Your Tyres Yet? Here Is All That You Need To Do!

Come summers, and the chances of blowouts increase in leaps and bounds – about 37% of all tyre accidents happen around this season. According to studies, it has been found that the tyre pressure increases by 1 pound/square inch for every 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) rise on temperature. This is one of the many reasons for the blowout of tyres in Maltby during the summer season.

This extreme weather condition makes it mandatory to summer-proof your tyres lest you face a flat tyre amid the road. All that one needs to do is follow these instructions to get your tyre summer-ready.

Check out these guidelines for this summer–

Summer tips for your tyres in Maltby

Maintenance of tyres all-year round is mandatory, even so in the summers. Excessive heat often causes premature wear of the rubber and affects the overall performance of your vehicle.

  1. Routine check-up of tyre pressure and inflation

Tyre pressure and inflation play a crucial role in carrying the load of a car. Over and under inflation, both lead to premature wear of tyres. On the other hand, if the recommended level of inflation is maintained, there is an even ground contact between car tyres in Maltby and the road surface. This prevents any uneven and premature wear.

Under-inflation leads to the generation of excessive heat and as a result, the sidewalls of tyres over-flex. Plus, at times, low tyre pressure also increases the level of fuel consumption. Regular check-ups will help you to prevent these situations thereby cutting down on your expenses.

Additionally, you can also opt for the summer tyres online to get through the heat without any significant damage.

  1. Perform a tyre rotation

Rotation of tyres at regular intervals helps you to ensure that there is no uneven wear on it. According to ASE, it is crucial that you rotate tyres after every 5000 miles. Tyre rotation services help to extend the life of these tyres, promotes even tread wear, and preserves traction and handling.

  1. Check the tyre tread depth

One of the threats that drivers face while driving during summers is aquaplaning. After days of dry weather, sudden summer storms leave traces of water on the road surface. While driving, this situation may lead to slipping of tyres causing fatal accidents.

This calls for tyres with perfect traction to help prevent aquaplaning. Tyre tread depth promotes exactly this optimum traction. It is essential that you look into the tread depth on a routine basis. According to the UK laws, the minimum tread depth needs to be 1.6 mm; although experts suggest that it needs to be above 3 mm for the overall safety of vehicle and passengers.

  1. Replace tyre air with nitrogen

Car Tyres in Maltby are susceptible to maximum damage during summers because the air in tyres expands extremely fast. If substituted with nitrogen (lower speed of expansion), the chances of a blowout will decrease significantly.

It is always advised to keep a spare tyre handy in case of sudden blowouts or flat tyres. These spares are much narrow than the other tyres, which make it less susceptible to punctures and are meant to help you out till you get to a safe parking spot. Under such circumstances, you can always take your car to reliable auto garages such as Harworth Tyres Services for a routine check-up. In addition to this, they also provide services in wheel alignment, tyre fitting, etc.

Get past this summer with your Tyres in Maltby in the top-notch condition with these tips!

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