Summer Tyres or All-Season Tyres – Which Should You Choose & Why?

The month of summer witnesses the most accidents as compared to any other season. This is primarily because of the high temperature, which leads to vehicle equipment failure. Additionally, there are also numerous roadway constructions during this season, and poor performance in the braking distance causes fatal situations.

Thus, there is a need for Tyres in Mansfield that would stay in their prime state despite this heat. In such a case, you have 2 options – summer tyres and all-season tyres.

So, which should you choose?

Let’s find out!

  1. Summer Tyres

Engineered specifically for high temperatures, these tyres give optimal performance when the regular tyres fail to do so. Here is all that you need to know about it –

  1. When to Mount It?

Ideal weather to use summer Car Tyres in Mansfield would be when the temperature is above 7 degree Celsius that is ideally between April and September.

  1. Why Choose Them?

During the summers, these tyres are usually susceptible to significant wear due to exposure to excessive heat. Hot tarmac and heavy loads cause the air inside tyres to expand, hence, increasing risks of a blowout.

Here are some of its features that make these Tyres in Mansfield a better choice in summers –

  • Fewer sipes and grooves in the tyre tread help to increase contact with the road. It promotes better braking distance and traction and helps to disperse water off these tyres quickly.

  • The major component of these tyres is soft rubber compound. It is advantageous when it comes to flexing to the surface of the wet or dry roads.

  • Summer tyres have higher fuel efficiency, generate low-to-no noise, and have reduced rolling resistance.

Now, read on to find out all about the all-weather Car Tyres Mansfield

  1. All-Season Tyres

The tyre, as its name suggests, is built for balanced performance all-year round. It brings on the best of both the summer and the winter tyres.

  1. When to Mount It?

Any temperature condition is suitable for mounting an all-season tyre considering that it is successful in retaining its top-notch state at all times, through all season.

  1. Why Choose Them?

Built for all-year round weather conditions, all-season tyres are the best choice for average drivers. Here are a few reasons as to why people prefer to buy these tyres online.

  • The tread depth of these tyres is moderate, and the rubber compounds used in its manufacturing provides longer tread life as compared to the summer tyre.

  • It enhances the overall performance of the vehicle by offering better handling and riding comfort.

  • Their performance retains its performance quality irrelevant of the weather extremities.

However, it is always advisable to go for season-specific Tyres in Mansfield since, with all-season tyres, there are certain compromises to cornering, steering, braking and grip. Also, do remember never to mix up tyres lest they have a negative impact on the performance and safety of the vehicle.

In any such issues, you can always take your car to Dallas Street Tyres. They offer their services in tyre fitting, tyre mounting, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, etc.

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