Tailored Sidekick for Commercial Vehicles – Michelin Van Tyres

“Mobility is the key factor that keeps a business enterprise running smoothly.”

Be it big corporate industries or small-scale commercial stores; all depend on utility or commercial vans. From doing essential deliveries to transporting corporate goods and other products, vans are overused every day.

So, imagine this: you’re using a commercial van in Manchester for more than 5-6 hours a day. However, you are so consumed by your business that you end up neglecting your van tyres. Therefore, what is the consequence?

Your van starts going to and fro between service centres and incompetent delivery schedules, resulting in loss of time, money and effort. In this competitive domain of today’s world, time is money; so, to prevent these unexpected situations from arising, it’s vital to keep your van equipped with a durable set of tyres.

So, if you’re wondering which brand to pick for the most durable set of van tyres, trust Michelin with eyes closed. Michelin is highly efficient when it comes to tyre technology and innovation.

To provide business vans with a durable set of tyres, here are the best Michelin van tyres you can select when you’re out to buy tyres in Manchester or adjacent areas.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate

Michelin tyre engineers designed this model with one purpose – it’ll offer optimal driving under all conditions.

Features of MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate-         

  • The tread pattern consists of V-shaped sculpture with large tread blocks for long-lasting clawing effect. Hence, whether its mud, snow, gravel or grass, this product offers supreme traction all day long.
  • Possesses 3D self-locking sipes to improve car handling in dry weather.
  • A grip-maximising tread compound for providing grip no matter what the temperature is.
  • 35% more mileage, thus resulting in enhanced fuel economy.
  • Possesses a unique kerbing shield to prevent chances of sidewall damage.
  • Additionally, with the Abrasion-resistant rubber compound, this van tyre is less susceptible to wear and tear.


When a car has to travel far and wide, it needs to have a set of tyres which can support the car weight and be durable enough to resist wear/tear.

Hence, you can choose the MICHELIN Agilis +. With kerbing protectors to prevent sidewall abrasions and Silica tread compound, this model provides –

  1. Improved wet grip by reducing braking distance by at least 2m.
  2. A reduced rolling resistance which saves up to 150 litres of fuel a year.

MICHELIN Agilis Alpin                                                              

Looking for winter van tyres? They’re not so hard to find and here’s your best option – the MICHELIN Agilis Alpin.


The distinctive feature of Agilis Alpin is traction. This product provides business van owners with 25% extra traction on both snowy and wet roads. Additionally, it offers better mileage too.

Well! Here you go; the two best picks of van tyres from the house of Michelin. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best tyre for your vehicle today, and equip your car with a smart sidekick.

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