Take Your Car for Regular Servicing & Keep it in Optimal State

Prevention is better than cure!

A common proverb, but it holds true a thousand times over in case of automobiles. Regular car service in Luton is the only way to ensure that proper preventive maintenance is being carried out.

Many motorists are prone to neglecting essential services that a smooth performing automobile demands. They rely too much on strong signs of defects as identifiers for a car service. However, experts suggest, that’s a fallacious approach.

By the time your car displays symptoms of severe defects, there’s already a vital malfunction inside the engine. Therefore, following your manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule is the best way to go.

So, are you guilty of skipping a service or two? While that might have saved you a few quids, chances are that you’ll have to spend more on a car service in Luton later on.

Few of the consequences of driving for too long without maintenance –

  • A sudden engine failure –

Unlike most other automobile components, the engine’s timing belt doesn’t send out a warning before snapping. You can start a drive perfectly fine, and a snapping engine belt can bring your car to a sudden halt. Only a car servicing in Easington performed by a qualified technician can detect a faulty engine belt.

  • The engine misfires –

Intermittent stumbling, or sputtering sounds, loud knocking sounds when the engine runs, are all signs that the engine is misfiring. The reason for this is faulty spark plugs, a vital component that needs regular servicing. Also, rough sounds during idling are signs of faulty spark plugs. Here too, a routine visit to an automotive garage for servicing is the only way to detect a malfunctioning spark plug, so that it can be replaced in time.

  • Hefty prices, excluding repairs –

You must already know that not maintaining car components in the optimal condition can lead to expensive repairs later. Additionally, failing to look after your car can cause expenditure in other ways too.

Your car can be cited at random roadworthy checks, for eroded tyres, loose seat belts, and a cracked windscreen, and a host of other issues that only a regular car servicing can resolve.

There are many other consequences that you can meet for not opting for a scheduled car service in Luton. Routine maintenance carried out under expert supervision will help you keep a car in its best condition.

What should a car service include?

A car repair in Luton can include numerous categories. Starting with a basic oil and fluid change, to a through full servicing that includes all parts, you can opt for a car service depending on your need.

Some of the standard components attended to during a car service –

  • Fluids –

Modern automobiles require fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, clutch, windscreen washer, and transmission fluids. These fluids tend to deteriorate over time, so replacing them regularly is essential. Always opt for a professional car repair in Luton which will provide such services as a default.

  • Engine air filter –

It’s critical to keep the air filters clean and unclogged. Otherwise, contaminated air will reach the combustion chamber, and compromise fuel economy.

  • Tyres –

Tyres are indicators of the overall condition of your car’s suspension. Moreover, worn-out tyres compromise vehicle performance. So, full servicing may require a tyre replacement.

So, head over to DriveRyteSundonPark a professional car servicing garage in Luton, for either an interim or a full car servicing. They also offer brake repairs and other electrical repairs as well.

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