The Benefits Of Switching To Bridgestone Tyres

The tyre manufacturing industry has changed a lot. From Run-flat tyres to performance and electric tyres, new innovations have shaped the tyre world. Movement and operation have become easy and smooth. All thanks to the constant determination of tyre companies and brands.

When it comes to the leading tyre brands, the name of Bridgestone stands on the top. The company has achieved enormous success and trust in the field. Customers all over the world trust Bridgestone, Landsail Tyres Bromsgrove for their quality and longevity. The performance delivered by the company’s products is unbeatable.

Still not convinced? Well, switching to Bridgestone can avail you of many benefits. The quality and optimum performance is one thing, you also get entitled to various other services offered by the company.

The money invested in buying new tyres set should never go in vain. Being stuck to an unsuitable and uncomfortable tyre set for eight long years can be frustrating. Bridgestone helps you choose a good tyre model for your vehicle. The company is aware of its customers’ choices, this is why the tyres sold by Bridgestone always match your expectations. Here are the benefits of permanently switching to the company.

Constant notifications: People usually forget the car service due date. This can be harmful to your car’s well-being. But don’t worry! Bridgestone customer support contacts their customers when the due date approaches. You can enjoy your drives peacefully as the reminder of car service will be sent to you.

Guarantee against wear: You will be surprised to know that Bridgestone provides a 50,000 km wear life warranty. You can avail of this offer by buying four Bridgestone Turanza Plus tyres and Wheel Alignment service. These two steps should be done at the same time and you will be qualified for the wear life warranty. In case the Bridgestone Tyres Bromsgrove wear before completing 50,000 km you will receive a pro data credit for new tyres. You will receive this credit for comparable tyres and not any model you wish to buy.

Your safety is their priority: Bridgestone understands your concern regarding safety issues. By purchasing tyres from a Bridgestone store you get a warranty of Safe Drive Tyre Road Hazard and Run-Flat Tyre Assurance. The warranty covers the following damages:

  • Gutter damages

  • Damages due to potholes and rough roads

  • Irreparable punctures

  • Breaks and cuts occurring after inserting sharp or hard objects

You will have to visit the nearest Bridgestone store and let them know about the issues. The tyres will most probably be replaced. If not, you will receive a pro-rata credit if the tyres are10% worn.

Manufacturer’s warranty: Bridgestone is confident of its products that’s why it releases all of its products with a manufacturer’s warranty. This speaks for the quality of its tyres.

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