The Best Companion Of Your Vehicle- The Tyres

We all have heard the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This is a fact, and it has proven true for all the inventions done till now. It is the need of human beings that gives rise to an invention that solves our problems and makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Since the evolution of humankind, various innovations have taken place, and these have transformed our lives in such a way that we are leading this highly advanced life in the 21st century. One such and one of the most important inventions was that of the wheel that completely changed human beings’ lives. The invention of the wheel led to various other essential inventions, the benefits of which are being enjoyed today.

The discovery of the wheel gave a broader perspective to the people and led to tyres’ development, as a crucial part of a vehicle. The words tyre means a covering. It serves as a rubber covering to the wheel attached to a car. The tyre is responsible for any vehicle’s movement, and without it, any car becomes useless. The importance made it very popular, and this gave birth to several brands producing different kinds of tyres nowadays.

There are various well-liked brands in the market which offer excellent quality tyres to the customers. One such eminent brand is the Continental Tyres. The company manufacturing continental tyres is known as Continental AG or simply Continental. This is a German-based multinational rubber company. It deals with producing various essential components of an automotive including brake systems, internal electronics of vehicle, automatics, safety, tyres and others. The company was formed in 1871 with Wolfgang Reitzle with it’s present chairman and Nikolai Setzer as the current CEO. The headquarters of the company are located in Hanover, Germany. This company offers a wide range of automotive products to ensure a safe and effective ride to the clients. With 149 years of most efficient services, the company has became the fourth largest tyre manufacturing company globally.

The company’s success follows from the enormous benefits and comfort provided by its products to the people. The company produces various types of Tyres Leicester as per the customers’ needs. These include car tyres, 4×4/SUV tyres, van tyres, ultra-high performance and tuning tyres. The car tyres consist of three different kinds, namely summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. As their names suggest, summer tyres are designed to perform well in warm temperatures. Their high grip levels enable them to move smoothly on wet and dry roads. They provide increased stability while making curves and optimum mileage performance which saves the money spent on fuel. Then come the winter tyres which are preferred in places with low temperatures like Leicester. These are developed with advanced brake systems which let them pass easily through the snowy and icy conditions that commonly prevail in the towns like Leicester. Their tread pattern helps in clearing away slush and digging into the snow.

Further, the rubber custom compound provides better control of the vehicle in all winter conditions. Although summer and winter tyres serve our purpose very well, they remain effective in their respective seasons only and need to be changed in other seasons. To remove this inconvenience, the company provides us with a third category of tyres and all-season tyres. These are not as effective as summer and winter tyres but can be used in all seasons and need not be changed so frequently. These tyres are most preferred for daily use because of their higher fuel efficiency, lower rolling resistance and increased durability.

Continental Tyres Leicester are considered to be one of the best tyres among all brands. Talking about their cost, these tyres appear to be very cheap in front of the numerous advantages they offer to the people. This wins the customers’ heart, thus making them customers’ favourite and one of the most demanded tyres in the market.

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