The Best High-Performance Tyres – Leaving a Mark on the Tarmac!

If you’re a proud owner of a sports car, it is obvious that you’ll want it equipped with the best performing tyres. Well, it looks like you’ve come to the right place!

So, if you’re thinking of buying new tyres in Halifax, check out these best tyres from winning brands which will provide you with the ‘need for speed’ & ‘optimal safety’ all in one!

First up is –


  1. P ZERO

The P ZERO is custom made and sturdy to support extreme driving. It combines hybrid material with rigid substrates to offer stability for cars equipped with a rear gearbox & front engine. Apart from this, the thick tread belt allows increased car stability, competent enough to deal with steep turns.

Additionally, it has reinforced shoulders made with an extra sturdy material to improve and maximise grip in wet and dry surfaces.


With the new SOTTOZERO™ SERIE II, you can take your expensive sports car for a drive even in snow. Why?

This tyre comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern which is categorised into 3 zones –

  • The inner zone for quick water expulsion.
  • For comfort and pleasure is the central zone.
  • The external zone designed with stiffer blocks spaced out for better grip in snowy conditions.

If you’re residing in and around the UK, you can buy your sports car tyres from the latest collection of Tyreworld & Halifax MOT Centre tyres Halifax or otherwise, for the best deals.

Second up –



If you’re a drag racer thinking of buying tyres Halifax, then MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 is your safest bet.

It uses Michelin’s Dynamic Response Technology which has a hybrid belt of Nylon & Aramid ensuring proper steering response even in high speeds.

Apart from that, with its highly advanced tread pattern continually gripping the road, safety isn’t compromised easily. Further, it uses a newly mixed compound of functional elastomers with hydrophobic Silica for offering excellent grip and longevity on wet roads.


For the seasoned drag racers, this is another good choice to pick.

Why is this tyre a wise pick?

  • New directional tread for improved braking on wet, snow, dry and rough grounds.
  • Innovations use functional polymer for enhancing damp & dry performance.
  • Latest tread compound provides better mileage and conserves fuel.

Opt for this product while shopping for new tyres in Halifax; this city has some of the most functional auto garages of the UK.

Last but not the least –


  1. PremiumContact™ 6

The Premium Contact 6 is another tyre perfect for a sports car. With crystal silica composition, it ensures maximum breaking in slippery roads. On top of that, it offers longevity along with these extra features –

  • Wear optimised polymer blend providing 15% boost in mileage.
  • The stiff but smooth pattern for reducing noise.
  • Designed with advanced macro blocks which provide control and optimal stability.
  • Asymmetrical rib geometry additionally ensures better grip under pressure.

Well, now that you know about these premium-range sports tyres, next time, avail your new tyres in Halifax for better deals and variety.

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