The factors that increase or decrease the lifespan of your tyres

Every machine is made to function for limited time because of the components of the machine starts to wear out from the first day they start their work.

Here, we are talking about your car and it’s Tyres Great Shelford that are supposed to wear at a faster rate due to several factors. Ageing of tyres is not an abnormal process as every machine and device in this world age over time. However, it is always possible to reduce the ageing process by considering the factors that may increase the wear and tear rate.

In simpler language, you can confirm a long lifespan for your tyres if you maintain them appropriately.

However, the tyre manufacturers recommend that you must change your tyres after 5 or 6 years but without proper maintenance and servicing, you cannot keep your tyres safe even for a period of 5 years.

Therefore, eliminating the tyre damaging factors should be your prime concern if you do not wish to replace your tyres earlier than normal time.

The factors affecting the life of your tyres include:

Loading Capacity:

Every tyre is made with its own loading capacity. You can assume that a tyre with higher loading capacity is supposed to have a shorter lifespan. Similarly, if the tyre has to carry an overloaded vehicle, it will be damaged earlier.

Road Conditions:

Your tyres run on sandy, slippery, snowy, or hot roads. Moreover, bumps and potholes are enough to disturb the inner and outer structure of the tyre. Therefore, these factors also affect the tyre’s life.

Changing weather:

Weather is also a vital factor to reduce the life of your tyres. The factors like wind speed, pollution, certainly affect the tyre’s efficiency level.


Your tyres are rubbed against the ground constantly. Therefore, it is natural they generate heat to raise the temperature of the tyre. Excessive heat may cause tyre punctures, uneven tread wear, and damaged tyre material. It is obvious that the risk of excessive heat is increased if you drive your car at high speeds.

Air pressure in your tyres:

Proper air pressure in the tyres is included in the factors that determine the life of your tyres. Over-inflation and under-inflation both increase the chance of wear and tear along with excessive heat formation, punctures, and blowouts.

Driving habits:

The driving style may be different for all drivers. A lot of drivers are used to harsh braking, sharp cornering, high-speed driving and hitting against kerbs or potholes. Such habits are not good for the condition of your tyres.

Wheel alignment:

Harsh driving like hitting a kerb or sharp cornering is responsible for disturbing the alignment of your wheels. In fact, the alignment of your tyres is a vital factor to make sure your tyres complete their lifespan properly.

Most importantly, you can increase the life of your Tyres Great Chesterford by ensuring optimum maintenance. On the other hand, poor maintenance will damage your tyres earlier than normal time.

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