The Most Often Replaced Parts of Your Car – Learn Which Ones Need Swapping the Most

Your vehicle is a combination of more than 30,000 individual parts, counting down its smallest screws. Now, its common knowledge that these components eventually wear with time and use, and you have to repair/replace them to keep your vehicle running. However, certain parts will go out faster than others, and you are likely to have them swapped during every other car repair in Derby or anywhere else in the UK.

Normal wear will cause certain auto parts to degrade at a predictable rate, whereas other factors like your use, driving pattern, or even climate can increase or decrease the degradation period of certain components. As a car owner, you should know about these to have an idea of what to expect down the road as your vehicle clocks up age and miles.

What are the most often replaced parts in a modern vehicle?

  1. Oil filter – Oil filters usually need replacing every six to eight months, or 5,000 to 10,000 miles. The impurities accumulated inside these filters can block the oil flow over time, which necessitates a replacement. As a rule of thumb, you can also flush the engine oil at the same time.
  2. Wiper blades – Although most don’t count it as a car repair in Derby or anywhere else in the UK, stiff wiper blades that leave a mark on the windshield can collect a flag in an MOT. Moreover, provided the weather pattern in the UK, the windshield wipers degrade rather quickly and needs a swapping ever so often.
  3. Fuses – Modern cars come with more electronics than ever, which leaves their respective fuses at considerable risk of overloading. Every car manufacturer generally provides replacement fuses, so you can take it to a reliable car repair garage in Derby, like Motor Wurks, and get them replaced in no time.
  4. Light bulbs – Interior and exterior light bulbs including warning indicators can require a repair and replacement every so often. Remember, these lights and indicators play a crucial role in keeping you safe during night and adverse conditions, so you should replace them as soon as you spot an issue. You will also flunk an MOT if any of these are not working. Take your car to a Car Repair Garage in Derby immediately.
  5. Engine belts – Ideally, a serpentine belt should last about 75,000 miles, and the timing belt should last 1,00,000 miles. However, strenuous use can structurally damage them, lowering their service life. Unfortunately, these are some of the components that need to be replaced by an experienced professional, so you will be better off taking it for a Vehicle Repair in Derby if you face such a situation.

There are plenty of components in your vehicle that require proper maintenance and not-so-frequent replacement. Tyres, spark plug, alternator, fuel and water pump, all require swapping at least once every two years to keep your vehicle in an optimum condition.

Proper maintenance, replacing the worn unit and careful driving will help you extend the life of your vehicle and fetch a good resale value. You will also find a much safer and comfortable commute whenever you use your vehicle.

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