The MOT Test: All You Need To Know About It

In the United Kingdom, all vehicles older than three years require a yearly inspection of their safety, road worthiness, and exhaust emissions. This is called the MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or just MOT). It ensures that a vehicle meets all safety and environmental standards set by the Government.

Once you have an MOT, it is valid for a year till you have to get another one. The test can only be conducted at a test centre approved by the DVSA. If the MOT for your vehicle has expired, you can’t drive it anywhere, except to a scheduled appointment at an MOT testing garage to have it done.

What Does an MOT Test Cover? 

Brakes, steering, and suspension, as well as tyres and road wheels, are all covered by the MOT test. It also examines electrical components such as lights and horns, as well as the wiring of the vehicle. Seat belts are also checked. Other components include registration plates, speedometers, and VIN numbers.

Additionally, the exam assures that the driver has a clear vision of the road. This means the mirrors must be secure and the region of the windscreen wiped by the wipers must be free of serious damage. Furthermore, leaks in the exhaust and fuel systems are checked, and the vehicle’s emissions are measured to confirm that they are below permissible limits.

How Much Does an MOT Test Cost? 

The cost of an MOT test varies, depending on the type of vehicle. The most expensive fee for a car is £54.85, while the most expensive fee for a motorcycle is £29.65. Fees for goods trucks and mini busses are higher. The test fees can also vary from garage to garage, because of the competition created by council MOT centres.

For example, MOT Birmingham gives MOT services for just £15!

What Should You Bring to an MOT Test?

Make sure you have your locking wheel nut key so the vehicle technician may remove the wheels and perform a brake inspection as part of your service. Since your vehicle’s MOT test records are stored on a central database, you won’t need to bring your old test certificate with you.

If at all convenient, remove any equipment from your car’s windscreen that may be obstructing your view of the road, such as dash cams and sat navs, as well as any child seats in the back. It is not necessary to remove these, however, if the rear seat belts cannot be checked because of the presence of a child seat, you will receive a minor fault on your MOT.

MOT Test Results 

If your vehicle passes the MOT test, you will obtain a certificate, and the result will be entered into the MOT database, indicating that it has been inspected for roadside checks. Your automobile might pass the test with minor faults (previously called ‘advisories’). These are just small issues that need to be rectified or monitored, but they have little bearing on the vehicle’s complete road worthiness.

If your vehicle has ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’ issues, it will fail the test. You are not permitted to drive the vehicle if the previous MOT has expired and these faults have not been resolved. Once the issues have been resolved, you can have the vehicle retested for free or at a lesser fee.

The test is free if you leave the vehicle at the test centre to be restored and it is retested within 10 days. You’ll have to pay a reduced fee if you send the automobile to a different garage for repairs and return it within 10 days for a retest.

Getting MOT Test Certificates Online 

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to bring previous MOT test certificates to your appointment, since they are available on the database, and are not required during a new check. If you’re planning to sell your car, on the other hand, you might need copies of your MOT certifications.

If this is the case, you can now obtain them for free through the government website. Simply insert the V5C number (the 11-digit vehicle identification number in your logbook) and your vehicle’s registration number to retrieve the results for all previous tests performed in England, Scotland, and Wales after 2005.

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