The Need for Wheel Balancing

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This is an old proverb that we’ve all heard from our elders. This proverb teaches us to bring balance in our lives and not be too much involved in one thing only. A balance is needed to keep the mind focused and healthy, and to prevent the body from draining out of energy as well. This is a proverb that we all need to follow to lead a healthy life. Nowadays, people don’t really believe in this proverb and the effects of which can be spotted on them. You’ll usually find them being lazy in their free time and complaining about things all the other. A person who doesn’t give himself some time to relax is often the person who is not able to be fresh throughout the day.

Balance is also a key aspect when it comes to cars. The balance of the wheels is what keeps the car going smoothly. At high speeds, if your car were out of balance, you’d lose control and possibly end up in a bad situation.

Wheel Balancing

This is a process that ensures that the wheel is balanced on the axle. It is checked on a wheel balancing machine by a computer. A mechanic or a tyre expert (if you were at Martini Tyres) uses adhesive weights to counter the irregularities. He does so by placing the adhesive weights on the opposite side of the irregular spot and balancing the weight. The process is repeated until the computer detects no more balancing issues.


When driving your car around the city, you might hit several curbs and potholes, while also driving on pebbles and irregular roads. You might not feel the effects that these things have on your car, but your tyres surely do. The resistance that the wheels face results in disturbing their balance, which can have drastic effects later on. An imbalanced car can create issues at high speeds and possibly result in an accident.

When to do it

You need to get your tyres balanced every time you change them. When you switch and balance your tyres and drive it on the road, the process of going out of balance starts again. Bumps, corners, irregular roads, and other obstacles continuously affect the tyre and start the wearing process. It is also recommended that you get your wheels balanced every time you get your oil changed. It is important to keep your car balanced, therefore don’t forget to keep a check on it.

Balance is the key to life. You don’t only need to maintain a balance in life, but also in your car. This is what will keep you safe and sound when you plan to go reach higher speeds with your vehicle. If you’re looking for someone to help you out with Wheel Balancing Hickman Avenue, contact us at Martini Tyres. Our experts will provide you with the best pieces of advice, along with assistance in solving all your issues.

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