The Right Time to Change Your Tyres

Remember when the only thing we once knew about tyres was that without them, the car wouldn’t function. As a responsible car owner, however, one must pay attention to all signs of car health – what is the right time to replace them are amongst other things that are easily overlooked by people.

Continental Tyres was established in the year 1871 in Hanover, Germany. Thanks to its availability worldwide, Continental Tyres Aberdeen are found in several dealerships across Aberdeen. Besides being known for their quality tyres, they are known for trying to use an alternative source of raw material to the rubber trees. In addition to the looming threat of global warming, such a decision by such a big tyre manufacturing company is no less than admirable.

Alas, even if you’re buying Continental Tyres from Aberdeen, they’re still likely to wear out within a period of five years. Here’s a list of things that a responsible car owner must look out for when it comes to taking care of their tyres:

  • Treadwear: Treadwear is a very common problem, a triangular arrowhead on the sidewall is an indicator of tread wear. The rubber bridges between treads parallel to the marker can be easily located. However, if your tyre tread has worn out to the level of the bridges, it is time for you to go to a tyre dealership as soon as possible.
  • Asymmetric Tyre Wears: A particular tyre might wear out unevenly if there is misalignment or some sort of damaged suspension. It is likely for the tread on one side to look perfectly alright while the other edge might have reached its limit. Again, this means that you might need to change a tyre sooner rather than later. Realignment or repair of the assembly also goes hand in hand with this process.
  • Cracked or Hard Tyre Thread: Like any machine, if not used at regular intervals tends to harden and develop some sort of problem. If one doesn’t drive their car often, the rubber of the tyre is likely to harden up, when this happens, it is best to look for visible cracks on the tread surface. Aside from a few, if these surface cracks are visible on the side walls as well, it means that the tyre rubber has hardened quite a bit. So, if one changes their mind and decided to drive for a long distance, it is better to get new tyres.
  • Damaged Sidewalls: Radial tyres are used in more than 80% of the tyres used in passenger vehicles. For this type of tyre construction, the build and integrity of the sidewall are very important. The most common enemy of these sidewalls is bad roads and sudden potholes. These issues result in damaging bubbles on the sidewalls or even cracking the same sometimes. You’re likely to receive a quick fix by tyre repair shops in terms of sidewall patches to reinforce the damaged part but this is not foolproof. Replacing one’s tyres altogether is the safest bet.
  • Age: Like Most things, the Tyres Aberdeen of one’s vehicle will age. The rubber of the tyres is going to harden up with age and as it hardens up, it loses tractability because it can no longer flex and grip the road surface. If you have winter tyres or tyres with soft compounds, the tyre surface does not crack up that easily but it is bound to lose its effectiveness. It is advised to not buy tyres that are more than six months old and use them for more than three years or drive beyond 40,000km with the same tyres.
  • Environment Implications: If monsoons are to arrive and your tyres have aged a lot, it is recommended to change them as fast as possible. Moreover, if you prefer driving fast and drive on the highways a lot, tyre replacement should be done timely without much delay.

Therefore, in addition to purchasing tyres from places in Aberdeen, it is also very important to be on the lookout for these small issues that could make or break your tyre’s overall performance. While it is very common for people to only worry about tyres in the event of a puncture, it is advised to check them regularly for good performance.

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