The rise of Continental Tyres

Continental AG is a German automotive manufacturing brand established in 1871. It excels in braking systems, interior electronics, manufacturing of tyre and other parts of a vehicle. The company has earned huge respect in the international market and is trusted by many customers worldwide.

Continental produces all types of tyres

Almost all categories of tyres are manufactured by this company. From bicycle to truck, they have everything you need. In 1891, Continental became the first-ever company to produce pneumatic tyres. The brand didn’t stop there, it kept growing and inventing new technologies. In 1904, Continental manufactured its first treaded car tyres. Since then, the company has been on a rise.

The use of synthetic rubber

The company went international during the first 10 years of the 20th century. Their branches were opened in Great Britain, Italy, Romania, and select Scandinavian countries. They produced the tyres using synthetic rubber in 1909. 

Continental has also been a favourite of motorsport companies. The earliest Daimler-built Mercedes won the Nice-Salon-Nice race on Continental Tyres Wolverhampton. The company also attained success in the French Grand Prix in 1914 using the same tyre brand.

Impact of World Wars on the company

The once rapidly expanding Continental came to a halt during the outbreak of the First World War. Several restrictions were imposed on Germany under the Treaty Of Versailles. These restrictions deteriorated the growth of the automobile sector. However, the company’s condition improved in 1920 when the American brand Goodrich invested in Continental tyres. 

The brand was doing well but its growth was again affected during the Second World War. The bombs destroyed many factories, and Continental turned to America for help. Soon, the company gained back its recognition and started introducing new technologies.

The expansion of Continental Tyres

Volkswagen Beetle started giving tyre orders to Continental in 1950-1965. This was a tremendous success for the German giant. In 1952, the brand introduced its first snow tyres, tested in the rough conditions of the St. Gotthard Pass in the Alps. 

Tubeless tyres and radial Tyres Wolverhampton were also produced at the same time. With time the company expanded internationally and finally they inaugurated a factory in France in 1964. After that, the company expanded further and introduced many new technologies. They celebrated 125 years of excellent service in 1996.

In the late 1990s, Continental opened its franchise in Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Slovakia, Malaysia, and Romania.

World Records and Continental Tyres

The first Run-Flat tyres were invented in 2003 by engineers from Germany in collaboration with Bridgestone and Yokohama designers. These tyres would save your wheels from inflation by not letting the air pressure escape at the same time. 

In 2004, Continental created a landmark by becoming the largest company to employ in the rubber and synthetic industry. It soon started investing in the vehicle electronics by obtaining the Motorola and Siemens VDO Automotive.

Continental’s ContiSportContact VMAX Tyres registered their name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest mass-produced vehicle tyres. 

The ups and downs in Continental’s journey inspire it to make yours comfortable and reliable.

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