The Smoothest Car and Exhaust Repair Service in Bilston

Bilston is a beautiful escape from the common city din. It’s a close-knit scene where you get everything handy. A 3-mile drive from Wolverhampton, it only takes 15 minutes to get here. You can drive around the friendly neighbourhood, visit Bilston Hall or even the Dudley Canal! Everything here is a breath of fresh air.


But there might not be enough fresh air for you to breathe if your car’s exhaust system is faulty.

What is an Exhaust?

An exhaust system, or exhaust, is an assembly of intricately designed parts. It extracts the poisonous burnt gases and vents it away from the engine’s internal combustion. This ensures a steady flow of air for the burning of fuel.

The exhaust system also reduces sound and increases fuel efficiency. It would become practically impossible to drive a car without it. These are some of the most vital parts of an exhaust system.


A manifold is usually made up of cast iron. It aids in collecting the exhaust gases from different cylinders into a single pipe. They can be designed prioritising cost, material quantity and compactness. A ‘header’ is a manifold that prioritises performance. Its bends, folds, angles and length of outlet is precisely calculated to prevent backpressure.


A muffler reduces the sound of the controlled combustion and the engine parts. It uses material lining on the inner wall, layers divided by lamination and angular resonance to cancel the noise out.

Catalytic Converter

It saves the harmful exhaust emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. It does so by converting them into carbon dioxide and water.


Exhaust pipes are generally the parts clearly visible in a car. The purpose of these pipes is to release the filtered exhaust emission into the air.

Problems in the Exhaust Discharge

Like we said- it is an assembly of intricately designed parts. And each part comes with its specific set of problems. Therefore, it becomes imperative to get your car for regular Exhaust Repair Bilston. But what problems arise in your car to cause these problems in the first place? The following list might make it easier to understand.

Oxygen-sensor malfunction

Oxygen is a necessary component during fuel combustion in an engine. Lesser oxygen may cause incomplete combustion and create more soot, resulting in clogging. More oxygen than required causes rapid combustion that can create backpressure. Therefore, the oxygen sensor must work to maintain an optimum amount of oxygen in the chamber.

Leaks in the exhaust

Leakages can lead to the entry of poisonous gases in the cabin of the car. Also, any leakage changes the internal pressure of the exhaust. This causes further mistiming in the emptying of the outlets and backpressure.

Damages to the hangers

Hangers are the supports that securely mount the exhaust on the underside. This helps in keeping them from bumping into the car body. Broken hangers would mean frequent impacts on the exhaust assembly.

Intense Vibrations

Vibrations can cause breakage at any joint or in any of the part. The consistent oscillation of the pipe is strong enough to cause a fracture. This can even grow into vibrations in the entire vehicle.


If there is some moisture present in the fuel, it will be dissipated during combustion. Some of the vapours collect in the manifold and other parts made of iron, causing oxidation (rusting). It weakens the metal and poses catastrophic implications for the exhaust.

Wondering how to get these problems fixed? Well, you wouldn’t have to. It is recommended to get a thorough Car Repair Bilston done by an expert and First Point Automotive promises to give you just that!

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