Things to keep in mind before selecting tyres

You don’t just own a vehicle, you nurture it. Yes, you read that right. The possession of a vehicle is a big deal. It is usually stated that vehicle maintenance services should never be skipped. True, but before buying a tyre you should keep certain things in mind.

Selecting a single tyre brand, model, and type becomes challenging. The wide range of TVR Tyres Northampton categories leads to confusion and indecisiveness. If you are going through the same phase, the wait is over. This article will efficiently help you pick the right tyre for your vehicle.

Tyre selection: Tubeless or tube tyres

As the name suggests, tubeless tyres do not have a tube inside them. The air is directly inserted into the tyre, which acts as a mixture of tube and tyre. Tubeless tyres are preferred over the tube tyres because they are more advanced and safe. You can travel a significant distance with the tubeless tyres after attaining a puncture. This gives you time to reach a safer spot.

The size of the tyres

This is one of the crucial aspects that need to be kept in mind while buying a new tyre pair. It is advised that you go for the same size as recommended by the manufacturer. Modifying the size can rule out your vehicle insurance claims. While considering the tyre size, the following things should be addressed:

  • Tread width: The acceptable rise in the tread width is in the range of 0-20mm. It should be kept in mind that increment in tread width should not allow the tyres to touch the wheels. This is illegal and can lead to a fine. Above all, it compromises your safety.
  • Rim size: Your tyre size depends entirely on the rim size as you have to buy one similar to the rim size.
  • Sidewall heights: The diameter is something you should not play with. Stay with the measurements as mentioned by the manufacturer.

Tread pattern and tyre selection

The pattern on the tread compound is responsible for providing a strong grip and traction on the road. Different road conditions demand particular tread patterns. The grooves and sipes present on the treads reduce the risk of aquaplaning to avoid skidding. This also saves you from unwanted accidents and collisions.

The major types of tread patterns include Asymmetric, Unidirectional, and Conventional. The Unidirectional tyres rotate in a particular direction. They usually have a ‘V’ or ‘A’ type of tread design.

An Asymmetric design has two sidewalls faced towards the outer and inner side respectively. This tread design is very popular because of its ability to corner well and channel water smoothly.

The last ones, i.e. tyres with the Conventional design can be mounted from either side.

Tyre selection based on the quality

The best way to choose a long-lasting, strong, and durable tyre is to go for a branded one. Companies like Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, etc are some of the leading tyre brands famous for their quality. Tyres of optimum quality provide great value for the money. You would not want to buy cheap quality Tyres Northampton and spend money all over again.

The quality of tyres plays a crucial role in keeping you safe. Sudden tyre punctures and tyre bursts can cause great harm to you as well as to your co-passengers.

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