Things to Remember Before Choosing an MOT Test Centre

Are you getting chills because of the approaching MOT test date? With the recent shake-up in the MOT rules, the prospects of huge repair bills followed by the chances of an MOT failure seem quite high. Regardless of your past choices for an MOT centre, the decision to choose the best MOT centre for this time can significantly boost your chances of getting a Pass in the test due soon. An MOT test station can either save you from hefty bills or make you a victim of poor vehicle repair and customer service. So, to help you make an informed choice, we have listed down the 4 important factors to consider before choosing the right MOT test centre for your vehicle.

1. Pick only Trusted and Authorised MOT Centres: The easiest way to check the centre’s credibility is by looking at the centre’s website. An authorised test centre displays a logo of 3 white triangles encircled in a blue background on their website. This logo should also be there at their brick-mortar shop. You should choose only those garages that have been certified by the local council.

2. A Reliable Local Garage: A dependable local garage has many benefits. They offer competitive prices as compared to the main dealers, local and other independent auto shops, without compromising on the quality of service. You can also get references from friends or family. It will also be easier to leave the vehicle at a nearby garage, get the necessary repair and MOT done, and pick up at your convenience.

3. Services and Specialisation: MOT test shows the roadworthiness of your vehicle. MOT tests by authorised centre include all the checks and inspections as mandated by the local council. This involves the evaluation of the brake system, tyre alignment, exhaust system, headlight functioning, etc. You must also check if the centre can provide vehicle repair services that are critical if your vehicle fails in the test. This will save you time and also from the hassle of driving the failed vehicle farther. Check the service offerings by the MOT test centre. Know the diagnostic, repairs, servicing, and bodywork that the garage can do. You should also check if the mechanics have the requisite experience and spare parts to fix the vehicle model you own. Your chosen garage must also have special tools and automated systems to fix all vehicle repairs quickly.

4. Cost: What’s cheap may not be the best. However, you must compare the costs and services of the MOT test centres near you to get the highest value for your money. A cheap service today may cost you dearly in the future. Hence, pick a reliable centre with an affordable and transparent pricing structure. You should also compare the MOT test fee, labour charges, and customer feedback of the garage.

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