Three Major Types of Tyres You Should Know

When you drive your car, your tyres play a vital role to make your drive safe and smooth. Driving conditions are nowadays very challenging due to increased traffic on the road, bad weather, and unfavorable road conditions. Therefore, drivers usually look for effective and durable tyres.

Car manufacturers are familiar with the problems of drivers. Thus, they are trying to make high-grade tyres. As a result of their efforts, a lot of types of Michelin Tyres Ipswich are available in the market. You can buy these tyre types according to weather, road surface, commercial goals, or personal needs.

In this blog, we will talk about three types of tyres that are very important for car drivers.

These tyres are all-season tyres, mud tyres and high-performance tyres.

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All-Season Tyres:

Seasonal tyres come in three categories called winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres. Summer and winter tyres are used in hot and cold weather respectively but a driver is free to use all-season tyres year-round. All-season tyres are extremely popular because of this driving ease.

Tyre manufacturers make all-season tyres with the help of a thicker tread pattern. These tyres come with a shallower tread depth in comparison with winter tyres. On the other hand, their tread is deeper than the tread of summer tyres Ipswich.

All-season tyres are beneficial for car drivers because they do not need to change their tyres repeatedly because of seasonal changes. If you drive your car in a place where moderate weather conditions take place, all-season tyres will be very effective for you. However, the same set of tyres will not be effective in the weather of snowfalls and freezing temperatures.

Mud-Terrain Tyres:

Some drivers drive their vehicles on both unconstructed roads and others drive mostly on smooth roads. On the other hand, several car drivers have to run their vehicles in off-road conditions. They may do it for personal preferences or commercial goals.

If you drive a car on tyres that are made for smooth roads, they will wear quickly on muddy, rocky and sandy surfaces. Moreover, you are going to face poor performance with these tyres as well.

You can solve this problem with mud tyres if you drive your car mostly on muddy or sandy surfaces.

Mud tyres are useful for drivers who drive in extreme off-road conditions. You can see these tyres mostly in 4 Wheel drive and similar vehicles. You will find these tyres very effective in sticky road conditions with their aggressive tread patterns. When you find it difficult to cross a muddy patch on the road, mud-terrain will crawl easily and find their way easily to make your task easier.

Technology is quite advanced with strong steel radial sidewalls, softer rubber compounds and small sipes for effective gripping and mud ejecting power.

If you are buying mud tyres, you have to think about changing the size of your tyres according to your vehicle’s size and other specifications.

Moreover, before you buy mud tyres, you have to be ready for a quicker wear rate due to a softer rubber compound. The extra road noise is also a drawback of these tyres.

High-Performance Tyres

Tyre makers design high-performance tyres to provide extra-grip, more responsiveness, and increased efficiency in both wet and dry conditions.

Tyre manufacturers make high-performance tyres with the help of unique rubber compounds and tread patterns. As a result, these tyres offer a superior driving experience along with the highest level of stability.

Performance tyres are intended for racing cars but driving enthusiasts also use these tyres because of their features like responsiveness, braking, steering and handling.

High-performance tyres show a high level of performance when the driver runs his vehicle at the highest level of speed. Standard tyres are often able to retain the level of high speed for a long time but high-performance tyres are equipped with this trait.

When Do You Need These Tyres?

You can use all-season Car Tyres Ipswich year-round if you live in a place with moderate weather conditions. All-season tyres are for car drivers who have to face severe wintery conditions. Mud tyres are effective for those who drive their cars in off-road conditions and rarely get a chance to come on smooth highways. High-performance tyres are not for you if you just want to go to your office with your car. You need standard passenger tyres that perform better in terms of both durability and stability.

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