Tips on How to Keep Your Car Battery in Top Shape

The key to a good and properly maintained car engine is a battery in top shape. Nowadays, most car manufacturers promise zero-fuss cells, which require minimum intervention by the car owners. From time to time, however, vehicular batteries do run into the ground. Batteries are pretty expensive and need replacements when they reach the end of their useful lives.

There are several tips which automobile experts across the UK agree upon to take better care of your car’s battery. It is more important now that winter is nearly here.The typical British winter is cold and often wet too, deadly for a car battery without proper care. It gets very cold in various locations of South Yorkshire, like Rotherham. To get the most out of your car battery at Rotherham, follow the tips below.

Tips on battery care

There are several useful pieces of information which you might put to good use.

Don’t try and extend the battery’s life

Under most circumstances, car batteries last for around 5-6 years. Bigger vehicles like SUVs have bigger batteries which last a wee bit longer. You should always go for careful battery inspection after the cell crosses the 2-year mark. In case you have bought a used car and are unsure of how old the battery is, you must go for an inspection without delay.

Car batteries are complex pieces of technological advancements. They are not DIY-friendly when it comes to repairs and necessitate expert attention. Refer to professional auto garages like ETS Auto Centre for the necessary repairs or a replacement. They can also help you choose the right set of tyres for your car from their extensive collection.

Be en garde against acid stratification

Acid stratification is a technical term for battery acid levels falling below 80%. The acid starts to dwell on the bottom part of the battery, and the top is starved. Results include loss of power for starters. The condition is especially dangerous when you go for shorter drives; more power-heavy equipment is switched on for longer periods of time while the battery runs out of charge. There is a possibility of getting stranded in the dead of night.

Conduct battery load tests every month

A battery load test is how much voltage the cell can discharge after charging. It is a test that a technician can do quickly. Monthly sessions are required, and they can be done whenever you go for something more routine, like a tyre repair in Rotherham.

Keep your car battery free from dirt and debris

It is a DIY-friendly tip. Just keep two brushes with you every time you drive, one with hard bristles and a softer version too. Use the hard brush to wipe away debris which may be stuck to the battery’s surface. The softer one is useful for wiping dirt with causing damage to the terminals.

Always remember that whenever you have any doubt about any part of the car, expert advice is necessary. This especially applies to your car battery. Keep the local technician’s details handy at all times!

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