Tips to Ensure a Long Life of Your Car Battery

Car batteries are rechargeable batteries that are fitted in cars with generic gasoline and diesel engines. It provides electricity to the starter that in turn starts the engine. Once the engine gets going, electrical systems in your car draw power from the alternator.

Before buying car batteries in Sleaford, you must acquaint yourself with the nuances associated with its maintenance.

First, let us understand the leading causes of car battery failures. Listed below are some of those reasons:

  • Excess heat generated by the engine is harmful to your battery life.
  • Excess accumulation of lead sulphate crystals on the lead plates decreases its reactivity with the electrolyte, thus causing your battery to fail.
  • Low temperature is also a contributing factor to battery failure.
  • Corrosion of terminals depreciates your battery life because of the heat generated from high electrical resistance.
  • Last but not least, the leading factor that causes damage to batteries is negligence and the sheer lack of proper maintenance.

Now that general reasons for the failure of car batteries in Sleaford are established, it is time to learn about maintenance and how to protect your car battery from these threats.

5 tips for maintaining your car battery efficiently

  1. Check the terminals: Terminals of the cells are subject to corrosion, which causes battery failure. It mainly occurs due to hydrogen gas that gets released from the acid in your battery. Make sure that your terminal connections are clean, appropriately fitted and protected from outside elements like water and dust. Corroded terminals have high electrical resistance, which is detrimental for your car’s battery.

  2. Check before you leave: Make sure that all the car accessories and lights are turned off before you leave your car. That will keep the battery from draining, thereby increasing its life. If you keep them on overnight, your battery will be sufficiently drained to prevent your car from starting the next morning.

  3. Avoid excess heat: Try to keep your batteries away from excess heat whenever possible. Storing your batteries in a cooler place will increase its life. Do not go overboard with the cooling, as too much coldness is also harmful to car batteries in Sleaford.

  4. Use distilled water: Filling your car battery with distilled water before charging it will ensure that no unwanted gases are accumulated within the cell. Make sure you use distilled water. Normal water will cause more significant damage to your battery.

  5. Remove corrosion: Accumulation of corroded material on the terminals creates electrical resistance which generates heat when a charge passes through the material. By now you probably understand that heat is bad for battery life. This corrosion can be removed scrubbing the terminals with normal water and baking soda solution.

  6. Hold battery in place: Make sure that the battery is held in place by the hold-down bar. Vibrations caused by the movement of the car are detrimental to the usable life of the car batteries Sleaford.

You can take your car to garages in Lincolnshire like Roberts Tyres. You can seek expert help from these facilities and keep your car batteries in Sleaford in top shape throughout the year.

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