Tips to Get Maximum Performance out of Your Car Tyres

Different tyre manufacturing companies have their specific guidelines for proper maintenance of car tyres. Following all of these guidelines gets a little difficult for an owner. So, here is a comprehensive list of tyre care and maintenance tips that are necessary to enhance your car tyres’ performance.

Proper Mounting And Demounting Of Tyres

  • To gain an optimum radial advantage, it’s better to mount the wheels with radial tyres on both the axles. Do not mix and use both diagonal and radial tyres on the same car.

  • Use a new tube while replacing tyres.

  • It is best if you buy tyres and tubes from the same brand.

  • Buy a designated tube for a tyre of particular size and type.

  • Keeping a right combination of tyre and rim is imperative.

  • Make sure that rim’s valve hole is smooth and round so that there is no scope for air escape.

  • Clean tyre interiors before fixing the tube inside.

  • Avoid using chisel and hammer for mounting. Stick to using mounting machines at all times.

  • Don’t forget to lubricate tyre beads before you mount or demount the tyres.

  • Check that the beads are placed correctly on the rim seats before you inflate your tyres.

  • Do not exceed 44 psi in any case for seating those beads. After seating, adjust the inflation according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

For Tyre Balancing

Tyre balancing is alternatively known as wheel balancing (not to be confused with wheel alignment, which is an entirely different thing). If tyres are unbalanced, vehicle components may loosen because of the vibrations it will cause. Go for checking and balancing the tyre rim assembly in following conditions –

  • If you feel unusual vibrations while driving.

  • During mounting or demounting the tyres.

  • After every 3,000 miles of driving.

Wheel Alignment

Try to maintain wheel alignment at all times. For this, you can go to MG Autos after every 3,000 miles. You can also go to the service station for any other component replacement or car repair in Ripley.

Tyre Change

Replace tyres you are using when they cross the line of maximum tread wear and reach 1.6mm. Before that, if there are any lumps, cuts or cracks on tyre tread or the sturdy tyre wall, you should take it for an immediate Tyre Repair Ripley.

Maintenance Of Inflation Pressure

  • Always keep the inflation level as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • Check inflation pressure when the tyres are cold.

  • Go for the check at least once in two weeks and before any long trip.

  • Look for any air leaks and replace the valve cap and core in case of damage.

  • For new tyres, frequent checking of inflation pressure after every 1,500 miles is recommended as per experts’ advice for their tendency to expand.

  • Maintain the air pressure of the spare tyre at 5 psi above the recommended limit. Before mounting, make sure to bring the pressure to the recommended level.

So, don’t wait anymore! Get the best out of your car tyres by following these extensive tips.

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