Tips to repair tube and tubeless tyres

 Tyres are prone to a lot of risks while on the road. One of the major risks is of having a puncture or even a blow-out. With the unpredictable road conditions, the flattening of a tyre seems to have become inevitable.

In Tube tyres

Repairing a punctured tyre can become quite a cumbersome task, that also consumes a lot of time for personnel not used to fixing punctures. Having a Puncture Repair Sutton in Ashfield around could prove to be a boon, however, in case of a bad day, knowing the technique of tyre puncture fixing may prove to be a blessing. The essential tools required for this task would be:

  • Wheel nut spanner
  • Tyre iron
  • Plier
  • Chalk
  • File
  • Rubber patch
  • Adhesive
  • Few bricks
  • Foot pump
  • Spare tube

1st Step: The piercing of the rubber needs to be checked at first. In case, you are unable to locate the puncture or cut, you should evaluate the tube, as a tube that is worn out may result in a tear or cut itself.

2nd Step: You would then be required to take off the wheel. The nuts of the wheel could be loosened with the use of a spanner. The bolts threaded side should be hit to take the bolt and the wheel off. Replace the space with a pile of bricks. This applies to the motorcycles only.

3rd Step: Dismount one side of the Tyres Sutton in Ashfield from its rim, to take off the tube. You could use the tyre iron in this step. At the point of the rim of intersection and rubber, you could place in the tool. Push the lever gently and wait for the tyre to slide across the outside of the rim.

4th Step: The valve should be unbolted at this step and the tube needs to be removed from the tyre. You could further have the tube inflated and place it in water. Once air bubbles pop from the punctured area, you know you have found the cut.

5th Step: The area where the puncture was detected should be rubbed with the file. This makes sure that the adhesive sticks the rubber patch properly and the patch does not protrude.

6th Step: By submerging the tyre again in water, you could rest assured that the puncture has been sealed. Place the tube in the tyre again. Press the air valve through the rim hole and push the tube back in the tyre. This step could be done with the help of the tyre iron. Mount the wheel back to the car and tighten the nuts of the wheel.

In Tubeless tyres

Almost all manufacturers fit tubeless tyres on motorcycles. Punctures still need to be fixed in such cases, to avoid any kind of danger. The tools required are:

  • Pliers
  • A smoothening tool
  • Puncture repair strips
  • Puncture strip insertion tool
  • Blade or knife

1st Step: The area of puncture needs to be identified at first. The tyre should be inspected for any screw, nail or sharp stone, having the pierced the rubber.

2nd Step: With the help of a plier, remove the unwanted object.

3rd Step: Now, the smoothening tool should be inserted in the punctured hole to make sure that it is large to place the repair strip in it. In the area of the puncture, leave the smoothening tool.

4th Step: The repair strip should be inserted halfway in the insertion tool.

5th Step: With the aid of the insertion and smoothening tool, push the strip further inside. Then, slowly pull the tool out.

6th Step: In case, the strip is still coming out, trim it with the help of a blade or knife.

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