Top 2 Tyre Brands You Will Find Suitable For Your Car In Preston!

Question 1: How would you feel when you get the perfect tyre sets to suit the two contrasting seasons of the year – Summer and Winter?

Question 2: What would you do if you acquire both the seasonal tyres from reputed brands like Pirelli and Dunlop?

Doesn’t it feel like a Eureka moment? Bet it does! Moreover, the situation gets even better when you acquire them from renowned sellers at your neighbourhood. You should always opt for the some of the best brands (like sets coming from the houses of Pirelli and Dunlop) to get maximum performance and safety from your vehicle.

The House of Pirelli! Winter Driving Gets a New Dimension!

Pirelli car wheels pose to be as happening as the company’s history. Emerging as one of the best winter tyre manufacturers in the world, when you opt to buy tyres at Preston, choose Pirelli’s winter wheels. They can cope with any dire freezing condition.

  • You will get the freedom to drive your car when you are on the winter road with utmost ease and assured safety.
  • Pirelli tyres also ensure maximum safety while driving on steep icy roads and provide you with a solid grip while driving.
  • Moreover, for high-end premium vehicles, Pirelli’s latest Winter Sottozero 3 tyres assure 100% safety along with optimum control and superior performance.
  • While you drive on the wet winter roads, then these tyres will make sure that you’re safe as they have been designed for extremely low temperatures. So, always buy Pirelli’s winter tyres at Preston to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

The House of Dunlop Tyres – Summer Driving Becomes Beautiful!


Two words which will make your car happy instantly! You will see how even the toughest of driving conditions on the dry summer roads seem like an easy breezy ride!

How? Let’s find out!

  • The summer season tyre genre is a particularly perfect wheelset which offers extreme stability paired with sturdiness and maximum safety. Moreover, the new rubber compound incorporated in its making makes it even more fitting for your car.
  • Dunlop’s summer wheelsets are also perfect for trucks and heavy vehicles.  It carries the higher loads with ease and comfort!

So, choosing summer tyres from renowned garages like Preston Tyre Bay will undoubtedly prove a positive purchasing choice.

A few summer tyre technologies which highlight the flagship of Dunlop are –

  1. Active braking (you can stop quickly on dry or wet roads)
  2. Motorsport derived construction (improved steering precision)
  3. Interlocking system 3D Bubble Blade (suited for dry weather conditions)

When you are looking to buy a set of safe wheels, do not hesitate to buy tyres at Preston from expert retailers like Preston Tyre Bay this year.

Getting a pair of summer and winter wheels from will make your ride a pleasant journey without any bumps! As vehicle garages team up with tyre kings like Pirelli and Dunlop, they create a one-stop solution to provide superior quality wheels for your car! Moreover, apart from the two mentioned brands, they also offer wheels from famous tyre houses like Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, and Yokohama, Toyo, Avon and many more!

Give your car its best wheelset and set off on a roller-coaster journey on the road!

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