Top 5 Tips To Drive Better and Safer This Winter on British Roads

As anyone who has ever stayed in the UK during the winter season will testify, it is a miserable time to drive on the roads. They are wet and slippery, with the constant sleet and pouring rain making surfaces treacherous. Safe driving in winter is both a science and an art, for it involves a bit of practical and technological knowledge to be on the safe side, as well as some intuitive and imaginative driving.

Don’t worry too much, though. Driving a lot safer during the months of snow is more comfortable than it sounds at first. Here are the top 5 tips to see you through to next summer.

Tip 1: Maintain your distance

This point may seem obvious initially, and you might be wondering how it makes sense. Well, road accident statistics from the British Isles suggest that most injuries and damages are caused by a car ramming another from behind. It suggests that either drivers do not anticipate what those in front will do, or they brake too slowly, or that they do not maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front.

Automotive safety experts recommend you maintain a gap of at least 2.75 car lengths, which is around 10 meters. At times, this might seem too much to sustain, but a minimum of 6 meters is essential.

Tip 2: Clear your MOT tests on time

MOT testing is legally mandated, and all drivers need to pass it. While many believe that it is a nuisance, what they do not appreciate is how valuable an MOT test can be. There is a whole host of safety features which undergo thorough testing each time an MOT check-up is carried out. It keeps your vehicle in shape, and safety features are noticeably better.

It also means that you need to clear your MOTs every year. Whether it is an MOT Rotherham or any big city in the UK, always check with your preferred service technicians which areas of your vehicle needs maintenance or an overhaul to clear the test. Service garages like ETS Auto Centre are renowned for their great expertise in this subject and their sound advice on even the most technical matters.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on your car’s tyres

Again, a known but often ignored point. The received wisdom is that old tyres are unsafe, while new models are better. It is not always true, however. Tyre safety depends on how well you maintain them, and how you drive. Also, when operating in winter, use special winter-specific models, whether you buy new tyres Rotherham or any other region.

Tip 4: Avoid speeding

Speeding on a sleety road is a terrible idea, Maintain proper speed limits; they not only help you stay safe but also ensure that your vehicle remains in top-notch shape too. Avoid taking sharp corners in winters, even if you have ABS in your vehicle.

Tip 5: Be careful while braking

Braking on such surfaces can be more than a bit tricky. It is best not to brake too hard but to maintain low speeds. Keep your eyes and ears open and do not use your mobile phones while at the wheel. Try to gauge how your fellow drivers are chivvying along to ensure you can anticipate their next move. Overall, be a bit careful.

The next time you go to your office or on a long drive, remember these 5 tips. You will not only be a much safer driver, you might also actually get to enjoy your daily commute!

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