Top 5 Tips to Improve On-Road Safety and Service Life of Your Car Tyres

The latest annual report from the ‘Department of Transport’ shows that the number of fatalities and serious injuries from vehicle-related accidents fell from 162 to below 150. This is a much-welcome relief, and thanks to increasing awareness about car tyres and safety, officials are looking forward to further decline in this number.

Everyone wants to feel safe while driving, and the most important factor that adds on to your safety is the condition of your car’s tyres. Keeping them in good condition should be the primary concern to ensure a safe and economical drive every time you take your car out of the garage.

So, let’s take at a few things you can do to improve your safety!

5 Tips To Ensure Ride Safety And Longevity Of Your Car

1. Know When You Need To Replace Worn-Out Tyres –

It is impossible to know exactly when your car tyres will become unserviceable. However, a periodic inspection will help you identify the early signs of excessive wear.

Look for bald patches, uneven tyre wear, any bulges and cuts on the sidewall, etc. Also, make sure that its tread depth is at least 1.6 mm, or else you will not get proper road grip when you drive your vehicle.

Another important thing you should remember is its manufacturing date. Do not buy Tyres Northampton or anywhere else in the UK if they are more than ten years past the manufacturing date.

2. Maintain Optimum Air Pressure –

Optimum tyre pressure depends on the vehicle and the amount of load you carry in it. You will find a load chart inside the fuel filler cap of your car, or in the driver side door sill. You will also find it in the owner’s manual along with other details.

Ideal tyre pressure is the key to keep your tyres in good condition. Under-inflation will wear the sidewalls while over-inflation will wear the middle section of the crown.

3. Use New Tyres In The Rear Axle For Better Control –

Experts recommend swapping all four tyres for optimum performance. However, you may is not find a full set swap feasible. Only if you don’t, you can go ahead and change only 2 of your car tyres. Swap the ones in your car’s rear axle for a new pair. Rear tyres transmit the power from your car’s engine. Installing new ones at the rear will improve performance. It will also provide better control during emergency braking.

4. Optimise Your Driving Pattern –

Sudden acceleration and deacceleration puts immense strain on your car tyres. Instead of stepping on the accelerator, try gradually increasing speed. It will also keep your car’s engine and other vital components in good shape.

5. Buy Quality Aftermarket Products –

Choose a brand of tyres that is market proven and has a good reputation. They might be slightly expensive, but will offer you much better on-road safety and longer service life.

Superior Cars offer a large stock of high-quality Cheap Tyres in Northampton. You can also avail other services including general car repair and MOT from their service station.

Tyre care is often taken for granted, but they play an important role in ensuring your safety. Maintaining the points mentioned above will keep your car tyres in good condition for much longer.

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